I was just emailing Norma about not having to take steroids when I thought how many stroke related tablets I'm on. I may have mentioned this before. In the morning I take a tablet to counter the effects of clopidogrel. I also take three tablets for stroke induced epilepsy. In the evening I take three more tablets for epilepsy and a statin and a heart tablet. I reckon however that I'm just very grateful that the tablets exist at all and have so far kept another stroke at bay. I can do my morning walk with my husband and can eat five fruit and veg a day. What do other people feel grateful for? Best wishes, Hilary

I feel grateful to be breathing and coherent! But I am also grateful that I can still write, I can still spend time with my sons, I can still potter, albeit gently, in the garden. I am grateful that I have a supportive and enthusiastic consultant at my hospital who champions young stroke survivors. I am grateful that through my stroke I have met other stroke survivors, and my friendship circle has been enrichened by such lovely and diverse people. I'm grateful that I live in the countryside, and have reached an understanding of my surroundings that I didn't pay as much heed to as before. I am grateful my cat is so caring, and for my pigs who have been integral to my recovery journey. I am grateful that I don't have to drive again. I am grateful for all the small experiential, tactile and intellectual pleasures I can still indulge in. The list could go on and on. 

Wow, that's very positive! Counting your blessings is a good practice and you have certainly made us think. Hilary

I too am grateful to be alive. I have now got an electric powered wheelchair and today was able to make it to the local supermarket,a round trip of about five miles in total. This was over the motorway bridge on an uneven path! I feel I achieved a lot without crashing!! Lilian

Lilian , very impressed ! Half hour max , for me on scooter,  slowly.  Interested why wheelchair & not scooter,  as I too looked at these  . Decided hopefully did not need at home & chose scooter. Good talking David.  

Well done Lillian ..pippy 

I am grateful for the fact I managed to walk one mile today and take part in a meeting for a local charitable organisation I am involved with. I am also grateful for my sunglasses which allow me to manage my mental fatigue. Most of all I am grateful for my friends and family who have really stepped up to support me since I had my stroke. 


1 mile quiet an achievement. Interested in your thoughts on sunglasses helping fatigue. Thanks David. 

Hello David, sunglasses are good for me. My head gets weary if exposed to long periods of bright light, but also I find they dull external stimulus, giving my eyes a break too.

Hi David,

I find my fatigue is triggered very much by overexposure of my senses and specifically my eyes. Through keeping a fatigue diary and a process of elimation I noticed a relationship between the exposure to UV and blue light and my fatigue. I do not know the science behind it (if any) but I've started to switch to my sunglasses at the first sign of fatigue and it has been truely amazing. I've been able to achieve so much more before hitting the fatigue wall! 

My stoke happened in the left occipital lobe so I am not sure in how far this has gone to ensuring visual stimulation triggers my fatigue. Funnily enough I have mentioned the sunglasses to some other people who suffer from other forms of fatigue (long Covid,ME etc) and they have confimed they also benefit from wearing them. 

Hi David. I have macular degeneration and diabetes so wear sunglasses regularly and my ordinary glasses are light sensitive. Recently, blood tests have shown I have an iron deficiency and am now taking an iron supplement. That seems to be helping my fatigue, but alive lived with fatigue for five years.

Hi Rups , anything to improve fatigue. Thanks David 


HI Alis , Will try , I am not too effected by tv , tablet . Telephone,  talking,  car journey,  social small talk / TERRIBLE. THANKS DAVID. 


Hello John , 5 years,  long time !  Do you feel improved or like me after 2 years none or poss slightly worse ? Thanks David. 

Thank you for replying to my post. It is easy to feel quite negative about one's condition. Thats interesting about the sunglasses. Best wishes Hilary

Thank you for replying to my post. Well done with the powered wheelchair. Thats quite an acheivement Best wishes


Its made me stop and think bout all the positive things. We cant go on holiday but every day we go out early in the morning for a coffee, We go to various places one is in the park where we sit outside surrounded by birds and all the dog walkers come for coffee and a chat and as I love animals that is really nice. I have got a good family who care and are in regular touch with me. I go for a short walk every afternoon along a lane and we feed the birds there. Best wishes to all Norma Jean.

Well done keep up with the walking it's helps your mental health shows that you can achieve things after havinga stroke

Good to hear from you. I impressed myself. I chose a wheelchair as opposed to a scooter because for me it would be easier to manage because I have limited mobility, paralysed in my right side and at times need my husband's help. At home I manage with a rollator, in the house and garden. Hope you are well and speak soon. Love Lilian

Thank you Pippy. I hope you are well. Lilian