Medication side effects

Here’s to a better 2019 to all of us.

I’ve been having to get up twice a night for a ‘wee’ which I know I don’t really need. I.e. no urgency as such and poor flow. 

I suspect this is a side effect of either the statins or anticoagulants, which my GP has dismissed. She checked liver function and prostrate function and all ok.

Anyone else had similar, it’s frustrating on two counts. 1) I’m not in the age bracket where I would expect it

2) it doesn’t allow me to sleep deeply enough or long enough which I know I need. 

Cheers all   

Hope 2019 better for you to .

About weeing at night have you thought about caffeine and alcohol.  Spicy food,  volume of fluids drink.  Timing if last drink.  Last but not least any chance your blood sugar levels could be raised.  Sorry for such a long list. 


Might it be the brain not messaging correctly. Its not just the limbs that get hashed up, its the internal organs as well. Possibly you could talk your brain in to the more appropraite reactions. 

I get a night time need to wee but I am approaching the age when that would happen. Maybe I will try telling my brain I dont need to wake up during the night. So you have given me a good thought, thank you.




yes, you have a good point. But I’ve switched mainly to decaf (much against my addiction to it ?)

the time of my last drink hasn’t changed, usually around 7.30 with going to bed about 11. With time to empty my bladder ? before hand. It’s the that I never urinte much, and it’s very weak. Which tells me I don’t really need to. 

Just very confused about how the body reacts to either the event, or medication. 

Hence the suspicion that it’s a side effect of the medication, we really can’t expect GP’s to know everything 

That's true. Poor you! Hopefully things will settle down.  Or you might have to have a deep and meaningful with the GP. 

I had a similar problem when I first had the stroke I was up at least twice during the night but passing only small amounts of urine. When I spoke to my GP about it he suggested it was all due to anxiety following the stroke and I started on an antidepressant (Mirtazapine) which I take at night and it solved the problem within a couple of days. I have to say I was not very keen on taking antidepressants but have found that they really helped me.

So it may be worth speaking to your doctor about it. I think sleep is very important especially if you have had a stroke. If you don’t sleep well you may be bothered by the dreaded SF which can be hard to manage - well it is for me anyway.

Hope this might help.


Thanks Ann , I did think that but I am on Citalapram already, which I thought would help and it’s not. I totally understand your dislike of antidepressants, in fact I hate medication full stop, so my current regime goes totally against the grain.