Medication problem

Does your medication cause extreme drowsiness? Lilian

Its all according which medication you are on. I  am taking a beta blocker which calms you down and prevagablin in the evening whiich helps you sleep.  So I dont know what mediction you are taking so I cant really be of help to  you. I wish you all the best. Norma Jean.

Thank you for your reply. The medication is co-codamol. This is to give me pain relief.

Evening, Hope you’re well? Co-codamol can make you drowsy especially for the first week until used to it, my doctor let me have this as I’m getting extreme headaches and they make them worse apparently

Sorry to hear your headaches are still so bad. 

Thanks, nightmare most days but evening time it’s terrible, hopefully on my stroke doctors appointment they can do something else 

I am going back for an MRI for my head and neck ... just for peace of mind, and to rule out any complications as a result of my stroke, also to check that I don't have hydrocephalus, which can be acquired from a stroke. Hydrocephalus can cause headaches, but I think more so in the morning. 

I know of a girl in London who had a cerebellar stroke and developed ICP (Intracranial pressure). It is worth pushing your GP for another MRI if these headaches are severe. I know that headaches are quite common after stroke. I never had headaches before the stroke and, after the stroke they have been, fortunately, mild but persistent. 

However, in our vunerable position we ought to rule out every worst-case scenario in order to focus on getting better. Don't ever let a GP tell you it is just part and parcel of having a stroke. If you have any niggling concerns, trust your instinct, and follow that path. The best that can happen is that nothing is further wrong except for typical stroke symptoms that will have to be dealt with by hook or by crook anyway.

just phoned doctors to make an appointment as my headaches are worse and stopping me from doing what little things I could before. Hope your MRI scan goes well amd as you said price of mind is good to have 

Hi. Thank you for your reply. I found it very interesting.I am trying to manage with paracetamol and heat pads for my back pain with mixed success. Hope you get better soon. Keep in touch. Lilian

Sorry to hear about that it must be hard going hope they get to fix it soon ? all the best des