Medical bracelet/card

The Dr had just changed one of my medication to apixaban - something to do with  a couple of Afib episodes showing up on my week long home heart monitoring. When looking up about this medication I kept seeing things about cards to carry or brackets to wear showing you are in blood thinners? I was just wondering if anybody has been told to do this or does it anyway?

Hi I was on Apixaban for a few months earlier this year. I was being investigated for AF. I was impressed  that there was warning cards in each prescription pack  of Apixaban ,which you fill in personal details and carry in your wallett .I think thats a great idea ,as in an emergency hospital staff/dentist  etc need to know we are on blood thinners as they don't always have access to medical records. I'm no longer on Apixaban but  do now keep a record of my current meds in my purse .

Thanks ?

Hi,just thought I'd let you know I had a key ring made with my personal details on and partners contact no and medication in case I have another stroke or accident and can't speak(fingers crossed I wont)i bought it on etsy.i think it's a good idea enlightenedsmiley