Me, marmalade and the man in the lane

I have a short morning walk whenever I can and have done from as soon as I could totter along. On my walk early on I met a local man on a mobility scooter. He stopped and asked if I’d had a stroke. I told him I had and he informed me he had one in his 50s. A year later he had another health problem and had to have both legs amputated. He has artificial legs. He stopped me today to say how much my walking has improved since he first saw me. He said, ‘Too many people give up after a stroke but you haven’t.’ I told him I never will....and nor has he!

Then it was home to make marmalade. Like all my tasks it is planned to the nth degree. I use marmalade pulp and all ingredients are bought in advance and laid out ready. Every step of the process has to be done carefully because of the safety aspect, but it gets done. An old friend said to me on the phone the other night, ‘If you’re still making marmalade, I know you’reokay.’ Well, I am mostly, but, as you know, I still get fatigued. Once the marmalade was made it was up to bed for a rest and, because of the effort made, today I dropped off.

Oh and just in case you need to know, I managed to change the bed the other day in about 30 minutes but, yes, I am still swearing!


really happy to read you can make your marmalade i do not want to stand in the kitchen for long fatigue kills me. but i have to do to feed children.
give our love to the man and tell him to keep trying the fresh air it really fills you with hope and happiness.