ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

So 3 different stroke consultants say I should have no lasting affects from my stroke . The recent MRI I had shows no evidence the stroke even happened. So now I wonder whether I have ME , the ME symptoms are almost identical to me interpretation of my Stroke Head , has anyone else been diagnosed with ME after a stroke .?

Dear Dawn

For some years I have been convinced that symptoms of ME can be very similar to the recovery period from stroke.

There are other major issues. I completely missed my own symptoms of aortic stenosis because I assumed it was ongoing stroke fatigue. That doesnt change the original stroke event.

Was your original diagnosis "transitional". If it was (and I do hope it was) then you will indeed make a total recovery. There will not be any sign of an infarct.

If however you had a "full" stroke then the infarct will be there and it will show up provided the correct area is scanned. This is not an easy straight forward task for the medics to complete. 

So lets hope that you had a "TIA" and that recovery will be total.





Hi Colin , it was a right sided infarce so classed as a mild stroke and not TIA . So far to date I have had 5 MRI . The first one diagnosed my 'unusual ' stroke which they said they were surprised to find . Then about 10 days later they thought I'd had another stroke so I had another MRI which showed the original infarct but it was tiny .fast forward to November and another strange episode and severe fatigue hence another MRI this time at a different hospital . This time they couldn't see the stroke ! Since then I've had 2 more MRI the last one 4 weeks ago again no infarct shown . Since my stroke in August I haven't recovered . I seem to get extremely fatigued after any form of exercise . It doesn't happen the same day but the next day ( I'm keeping a diary ) I get brain fog , mobility problems all so very similar to how I was after the stroke . After my last admission which was 4 weeks ago the stroke team have referred me to the Neurologist as one theory is that I have hemiplegic migraine now . 
I'm finding it very hard to just go with the flow I'm the kind of person that likes a name for something or an explanation. 

Hi Dawn - It's very hard to get answers to stroke problems as everyone's stroke is different. It's good that they are trying to get to the bottom of it rather than just saying it's your stroke that's causing it.  I've seen the neurologist myself and mine was very thorough with the testing and showed me all inside my brain which is the first time I'd seen my stroke on scans.  I always imagined my stroke  to be a small black hole but it's more of a petal shaped shadow.  I hope you get some answers soon so you can move on.  I'm like you.. if I know what's wrong, I can either deal with it or accept it but not knowing is a pain.

Dear Dawn

At least you know where you have had a full stroke. Now I am all for being positive, but I dont know why a medic should tell you that you will get a full recovery. This implies you will return to your wellness pre stroke. And I maintain thats impossible. What you can achieve is good recovery to a "new me" status. 

Most of us get "stroke fatigue" and thats usually the worst thing to deal with. It does ease. It may well take two years and more to ease. But it does get better as the weeks tick by. Your diary will be a boon for you to look and see how much improvement you have gained. It is very easy to do too much, we need to do just enough and have lots of rest in between. If we do too much then the SF will overwhelm and progress will be slow.

Some of us also get problems masked by the stroke effect. It is pleasing that the medics are checking this out for you.

We need to have in mind that no two strokes are the same. Its nigh on mathematically impossible for two of us to have the same. There are, however, a number of common issues and you will no doubt share some of them with some of us. 

Not sure about using the term mild stroke. There isnt very much mild about is a massive event in our life. You have survived, many do not. You will get good recovery (your determination shines through your posts). And mayne you will have some aspects better than pre stroke. Several of us suddenly become poetic or artistic. I was hoping I would become musical, but I havent and I will settle for a reasonable recovery.

Best wishes


I absolutely love all of your words of wisdom and insight x

This is such a wonderful site, and you will always get support, encouragement and the advice of those who've 'been there'.  

You can ask anything - no matter how small or large you think the issue is, someone will always be here for you.


Take care xx

I have just been released from the hospital, although there were only some minor indications of stroke, from ct scan. I have the symptoms of stroke, chronic fatigue, reduced use of left leg and arm. also some befuddlement, concentration difficulties and retaining information.  I would go with what experts are saying, don't look on the internet as that is a minefield of disinformation. stick to NHS sites only