Massive thank you & Merry C'mas

Just to say, once again the marvellous friends on this site have propped me up and helped me reach another Christmas in one piece!!  Thank you so much for sharing, informing and supporting during the year.  Wishing you all much love for Christmas, and good health for the new year - hoping for news of progress throughout 2019.  

Don't suppose anyone can help me with a "Christmas Wellington" that has turned out to be tooooooo large for my oven!!!???   I know, I should have thought about it before I started!!  Heyho...  

Thinking of you all ? 


Likewise happy Christmas and thanks for all the support for you all!!!! I've just prepared my first Christmas dinner dad feeling a bit low so hopefully tomorrow will cheer him up. Dad loves Christmas but missed out on all the build up this year.


cut it in half if you can or even individual portions no one will know ?

Bravissima!  well done on your achievement and hope it helps Dad to feel more positive, get those sprouts on to boil nice & early ?? !!!

Have a good day xx

Happy Christmas Jx 

merry Christmas and a happy healthy 2019 and beyond.


Happy Christmas everyone and let's have a better 2019!


Yay!  I'll definitely vote for that ??  

Had a chilled morning finishing off bits & pieces, now just going to stroll down the road to visit the donkeys and give them a carrot  ? ? 

Have a good day xx

Sounds perfect!

Then you will be ready for the age old sport of turkey wrangling.  Also known as cooking Christmas lunch/ dinner. Good luck!

Hope you have a fabulous day xx ??‍??

Happy Christmas Kay here’s hoping for a better 2019 for us all.

And you two, too, Ann xx

Thanks Veronica. Hope you and John are having a nice holiday.