So I thought it would be nice for a friend and I to go for a lovely relaxing spa day as she has been so supportive for the last 10 weeks. What a minefield it has turned out to be trying to work out what I can and cannot do and finding a spa that will ‘accommodate’ me, I have no real mobility issues. I will of course be asking my stroke nurse about it when I see her next week and will take her advice. I won’t be going for another month or two. Has anyone done this, any advice?
I have been very positive since my stroke but………………!
I just wanted to go and relax and be pampered for a few hours.


Thank you Loshy. It was the fact that she told me that I would need a signed note from my doctor that I began to think; is this what I have become!
I think it would do do me good :blush:


Vicky1 i am going see new doctor next month

I enjoy reading Bible studies and writing

After I had my stroke I was advised that I shouldn’t have a massage for the first few weeks (or anything involving the head or neck). It seems also, to vary depending which masseuse you speak to. I resumed my massages after about 3 months. I have a sports massage (not because I’m sporty - I just like having that strength of pressure) every other week and it makes my muscles stiff for a few hours, then eases off. I always use the spa on holiday and no one bats an eyelid (I declare my condition when filling out the health form). It sounds like the places you went to were just being over cautious!

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Thank you for that. I’ll be seeing my stroke nurse this week so I’ll see what she says. But my instinct says I need a few hours of pampering so I’ll find somewhere.

Its hard for me to make me feel good