Mary Berry I Ain’t

As you all know, I like cooking and find it very helpful in utilising my weak left hand. Unfortunately,  that hand has its limitations, especially when chopping veg. It is not much good either at carrying things. This means I do a lot of one handed chopping. This has both its risks and limitations. In the past I have cut the knuckles of the weak hand (lightly) and sprayed myself with liquid when chopping tomatoes. Tonight was no near cut and one ultra splash from ripe tomatoes. This leads to as much swearing as the duvet changing does. Bits of veg also gravitate towards the floor, so more swearing! However, after two long sessions in the kitchen I did produce a savoury vegetarian rice main course and a lemon cheesecake for dessert. Very tiring, but satisfying. My partner has to serve the cheesecake as, left to me, it could fly off in any direction.

To my great satisfaction, though, I can now crack eggs with one hand. Modern cooking aids are also essential for us wonky handed survivors. Will need a stiff drink later.


I'm just ahead of you JJM and helping you out with a glass of red ? Your partner is a lucky chap, I would love someone to cook me a two course meal and would be more than happy to serve!  I hope you weren't wearing anything white when you splashed the tomatoes, that's what usually happens to me, I never learn to wear an apron ? 

Enjoy your evening, and your drink - cheers xx

What a  hero! I do all the cooking and washing up as my husband is unable to walk to the kitchen ect.  Your other half is a very lucky chap. My husband had just begun his physio to learn to walk again while waiting for his new prosthetic leg.

I'm very jealous! Have a good evening x

Thank you Kay, you too. Hope the walking goes well. I am sure you give him every support.

Well done, John. My husband used to do all the shopping and cooking pre Stroke and found it difficult handing over to me. He can no longer drive (long DVLA story) so we do shopping  together most of the time. In March we had three visitors staying and he opted to stay at home whilst I took them sightseeing  - the dreaded SF he told me. When we got back he’d cooked a full roast lamb dinner, roast potatoes and parsnips, steamed veg plus Yorkshire puddings! This was followed by home made rice pudding. It was impressive! He was grinning like a Cheshire Cat!  Since then, he’s had a few disasters in the kitchen but is striving to succeed, just as you do. Well done. I bet your partner was delighted! I took such a sense of pride and reflected glory in his achievement. Veronica 

Veronica, what a great story. Good on him!

That is such a lovely sorry, I have been looking into gadgets for the kitchen so that it will help my Dad when he is ready to go back int the kitchen, he loved cooking before he had a stoke. 

I cook entirely one-handed. The essential aids are:

A good pair of scissors for chopping herbs and tomatoes(in a cup) and to use as cutlery replacing the knife

A combination buttering and spike board. This has spikes at one end to hold get for peeling and chopping and two ridges at the other end to hold bread for buttering.

A belly clamp for opening jars and bottles.

One-handed salt and pepper mills.


Hello Sarah, it took a few months before John could even peel a potato or carrot properly. Often, they would bounce off the floor like John J and I’d hear him muttering then I’d be called to the rescue. Sometimes, I thought he’d put me on a diet - there would be barely enough food for one person never mind two. However, he didn’t seem to notice and later I’d stuff my face with biscuits lol! The hard job for me was (and still is)  ‘letting go’ and accepting what he can do. He’s making good progress though. He has even tried to make banana bread. When he used the whisk a few months ago he was successful. However, my new food processor is a bit trickier and he was so disappointed he couldn’t switch it on. Guess what? I made a new batch and waited until he’d rested then gave him a demonstration. Woo hoo! I’m looking forward to the next time he tries to surprise me. Incidentally, my processor chops, slices and minces food so we might give that a try at some point, Veronica 

Thank you for those tips.