I had a tia 3 years ago still get dizziness Went to GP gave me a lecture ref smoking drinking exercise

I do not drink smoke exercise 4/5 times carefully weekly and have a decent diet The doctor was not interested

Any views appreciated Thank you

@MARTINE if it was me I think I’d ask to see another GP. We’re all entitled to a 2nd opinion. Thats not a very helpful response from them at all. I suffer with dizziness following my stroke but that was only 3 months ago. Mine is vestibular dizziness so I have been given some exercises to do by the physio. Hope you manage to get sorted soon.

Hi Martin-- I’m 3 1/2 years from my stroke and I still feel a little weird in the head a lot of the time. I think that though the brain heals and rewires, it’s not as though one can give it fresh air and sunlight to heal., right? HA HA! Bearing in mind that the body replaces all of its cells every 7 years, it may take more time for many of the stroke symptoms to ease. I’m being patient. A friend of mine told me she started feeling really better at about the 4-year point. So I’m hangin’ in there! :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne


Thank you very helpful I am doing what is recommended so look forward to improvement at 4 year point

Thank you

I’d definitely make an appointment to see another GP, the GP i was seeing dismissed everything I had wrong with me for years, I have lately found another who is so much better and actually listens to me … wish I’d done it years ago.

Totally agree Initially the receptionist refused an appointment as I would not discuss why I needed to see the Doctor I stated it was confidential and nothing to do with her