Marriage after stroke

Since my stroke 3 years ago I was so 21 weeks pregnant after 6 days after my stroke I give birth to a sleeping angel since he has gone on after my stroke my marriage start and struggle just wondering if anybody else got the same problem

I'm new to this

I suffer a brain bleed stroke and bells palsy and a clot which was last april I know I'm on recovery but it's taking it's time I can walk slowly hoping it will get there 

Hope your okay now I'm out of woods just slow recovery now still have a funny feeling down left arm walking a little bit 

Can anyone tell me bout walking again

What would you like to know, I had my stroke in 2015 however I do have to use a stick to help me walk

Dear Marie

On day one I was totally paralysed, all I could do was move my right hand. Couldnt even sit up let alone walk. The physios told me how to do some little movements and I did them all, three times over several times a day. Then the miracle happened on day 4. With the five physios present, I stood up and walked. Yes I staggered around but I walked out the ward and up the corridor. I then spent many months gradually getting full walking back. Continually did a bit of a walk and any exercises to make muscles move. Then I got a little way up the street. Then a bit more, then a bit more. I used a crutch. Made it to one mile.

I had problems with my ankles. I got orthotics to go in my shoes and that helped ankles. I get frightful cramp so I drink tonic water to reduce the cramps.

We are all different. Recovery goes fast then slow. My cognitive side is poor but my mobility not bad at all. Please remember...there is no damage to your legs, it is just the messaging system that is broken.

Thats my story. Every one of us is different. We do however share many common difficulties.

Smile four times a day.

Be positive. Think about what you can do rather than what you can not.

Lots of us are out here to talk to. You are not alone