Mania & stroke

i am now 4 mos on my recovery & i am now looking more normal like i used to. but when i had stroke last june 12 & suffered from left side paralysis i was asking my doctor abt my hyper behavior but he didnt explained it to me. then i just researched this.but now im back on my usual norm which was 5x when i was in the hospital. I am unstoppable rapping & singing at the ICU when it was time for my discharge,i went to the MRI the second time bec the first time i was unconscious, i even requested the attendant to play “welcome to the jungle” by GnR. 

so does anyone here have the same experience like me? 


No Meg. Nothing like that. However, for just a few hours on day 3 I seemed to fill with adrenelin. That helped my recovery so much.