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Hi, my name is Pete and I had a stroke on 1st October last year. We had just returned to our home in Spain 3 days previously, from Canada where we had been at our son’s wedding.
I tried to get off the sofa to go make a cuppa but my wife realised what had happened and called an ambulance. I had a clot on the brain which didn’t respond to the clot busting drugs and had the clot removed through the artery in my groin. My condition worsened due to a bleed on the brain and I was in intensive care in a coma for a fortnight. Half of my skull was removed to allow the brain to swell. It was held in a tissue bank and replaced 2 weeks later. The prognosis was poor. I stayed on a nuero ward a further 6 weeks, mostly in a minimally conscious state. I had a month in a rehab care setting and went home at the beginning of this year. My left side was badly affected.
I walked at first with a crutch and no matter what, I walk daily and can now walk unaided for over half an hour. I exercise in the pool every afternoon and have found the Internet a wonderful resource to find the correct exercises for me. I use the Internet every evening to practice rehab exercises and have managed to get my left arm and hand responding at last. In February I had a seizure and was treated overnight in hospital and now take a drug to prevent further fits and fortunately haven’t had anymore.
I just turned 66 and am determined to keep improving. I would love to get back to cycling and driving. I consider myself lucky to have recovered as much as I have and hope it continues.
I find this site very inspiring and love to read other SS’s experiences.


Hi @ESChris Pete, and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your stroke experience but fantastic that you are doing so well in your recovery.

Good to have you aboard and hope you find the forum useful. It is a great place to chat with people who have had similar experiences and who understand how you might feel

Hopefully we’ll hear more from you and you will keep improving at a great rate

Good luck on your journey.

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@ESChris hi Pete, welcome to the forum. Sounds like you’ve been through a lot but seem to be making good progress now. Hope your recovery continues to progress well.

I have used the Internet to help with exercises too as felt needed more than was getting from NHS.

Best wishes for your recovery.


Hello @ESChris ,Pete. Thank you for outlining your journey. You have a great attitude and this will and obviously has served you well. Driving is a big one and very linked to independence. Not as straight forwards as it could be but worth the headache. I got back to it after 11 months and haven’t looked back. I hope this forum can be of help to you as it has for me, Julia

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Pete–Your story is inspiring, and it gives hope to many stroke survivors. It just demonstrates that the brain/body can rewire and overcome much trauma. I’m so glad that you’re doing so well. Keep up the good, and I know hard, work! :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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Hi Pete
I to use the internet, as post discharge most help stops. I have just been referred for muscular skeletal physio as I have a left arm that does not raise above my head. My current physio said my arm is due to my stroke, I do daily exercises on computer to get finger dexterity, this forum is great for help and advice.
good luck with your recovery. you’re doing amazingly well

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