Making Digital Animated Art - my efforts, then and now

For those who are still wondering who got to the Moooon first . . .

. . . and they’ve been trying to tell us ever since.

Click once, then once more . . . and wait.

A short Mooon MoooV for you.

Turn sound up.

Can be watched in full screen.

Be patient.

I might get banned for this.

The best things take a little time.

Dun by me about 10 years ago.

. . . and the cow jumped over the moon.

Here is
a simple beginner demo of how to animate
(it is 35 minutes long):
(only one click this time)

I never could take anything very seriously.
Maybe you would like to try . . .


Hi @Bobbi,
reminds me both of Terry Gilliam and me in hospital (as along with the stroke I also caught covid and then norovirus whilst I was in there :confounded:)


Oh you must be made of the Right Stuff.
I had the dreaded norovirus too, projectile vomitting and prompt isolation in what they called the ‘Naughty Boys Room’.
Memories are made of this.

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I laughed loudly. Excellent animation!


Why am I getting a Monty Python vibe from your clip, you’re not a fan are you :laughing: I was waiting for the big hand to come in and snatch the cow away or the big foot to stomp the moon flat :rofl:


In that case I achieved my objective. Show it to the kids I’m sure they will enjoy it too.

Remember, I come from the era when everything was in black and white and also guaranteed politically incorrect.


All these things can be arranged and re-arranged.
It can be viewed full screen for the complete experience.
This is offered for amusement only.

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Will do!
Cheers Bobbi


Donald Duck and bugs bunny

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@Bobbi Well I’ve now watched it 4 times as it is just so surreal it makes me grin and along with the Gilliam influences from his Python days I seem to be picking up a ‘Button Moon’ vibe too.


Bobbi–Loved the toon! :smile: Jeanne


I’m glad it got a response. Originally it was an attempt to illustrate the nursery rhyme ‘Hey diddle diddle’ and the files were somewhere on my PC, where I created it.

‘The cow jumps over the moon’
This was just a short part of the whole, which has disappeared or is in hiding. It was made, in part, using the Tupi software for animating, Audacity for handling sound, Gimp for putting together graphics and Pitivi for assembling the finished ‘thing’.
All of these are high quality free software.

I am tempted to make a start to re-create it, or perhaps put together a new project.

It was done about 10 years ago so I’ll probably need a bit of practice to get up to speed.

Incidentally, TupiTubers is a free workshop consisting of a series of instructional YouTube videos which take you slowly through what is involved to make an animation.

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@Bobbi You deserve a pat on the back for that one :laughing:

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re-animation or how to avoid walking round in circles

script for a new animation
:film_strip: each line a new scene :film_strip:

one day, a long time ago
as I was sitting in front of my PC
my brain fell out

so an ambulance took me to hospital

I was there in bed two months
while they shovelled most of my brain back in
some bits were missing or fell in upside down

one arm and one leg still worked
so they sent me home

I might put this story together,
as an animation

but dexterity and graphics handling,
might slow me down

keep on keepin’ on
:movie_camera: :grinning: :clapper:


Old school Pac man and Donkey kong video games