Making changes I'm scared


I am wanting to change my hours at work whilst im off sick, shorter days over 5 day instead of longer days over 4. I work in a gp practice, I am so worried about asking, my work arent horrible but i feel more on edge since my stroke. I was outgoing and would say my piece before , if needed but any new changes im scared of them.

My TIA has a unknown cause so far and i think its causing me to worry about everything.

Is this normal?

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@TootieB it does seem quite normal to be more anxious. I know I am. Things I used to do without a 2nd thought now take me an age to summon up the courage to do.

Be honest with your employer about how you’re feeling. They can’t help unless you tell them. They should also be making reasonable adjustments for you where they are possible. Some people find when they return to work that they need a break mid week to help their fatigue.
Perhaps ask your employer for an OH assessment & you can discuss it all with them & they can send recommendations on to your manager.

I used to work for a GP practice although have now taken early retirement (not so sure that was the right thing to do but it’s done now). I think that an occupational health assessment might be a very good idea to help protect both you and them, but know that my former employers might have been a bit sniffy about this as they (with the best of intentions) thought that they could do everything themselves to assist their staff with medical matters. Both anxiety and fatigue are totally normal after a stroke or TIA. I know someone who took a whole year off work (luckily he could afford it) after a TIA. Having a thorough assessment of your needs by a professional but “disinterested” person, might help both you and your employers

I cant imagine being a massive issue thats the thing! To keep working i really do need to adjust my hours , I need to do a phased return as I feel the fatigue will do as you say lol

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Thats it exactly! My normal stuff is now a process , ah my stroke community team did mention speaking to my employer regarding adjustments if needed in our first appointment ! Thank you for reminding me :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have ben advised to do a phased return when im ready and I think ill do it tbh , apart from my hours I dont think there is much more I can expect from my employer.

I will see if this anxiety goes down when i go back to work if not i will take your advice and see my gp :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow definitely lucky him! Tbh i feel like a fraud because outwardly i look fine , can drive again but things are different in me.

Ive remembered that my community stroke team have said they can speak to my employer , I feel they maybe the same. Alot of ‘in house’ things go on