Making a simple evening meal

You are so inspiring @Bobbi that I made my own lunch today…about the time for your tea, I imagine. Nothing that required all that much effort, but definitely a little imagination, due to the grocery shortage in my house. A few leaves of butter lettuce, another few of crisp lettuce, a very small portion of bacon bits, handful of sunflower seeds, baby carrots, a small avocado, the last small bit of mozzarella, and a spoonful of ranch dressing. It was very good. Refrigerator is cleaned out except for some butter, a few eggs, and condiments. I think I am going to have to order some groceries because my daughter doesn’t like grocery shopping. Has put it off too long this time. Baguettes would have been perfect with this as well. I’ certain you already ate them, while they were still warm…or hot even.


quite agree, sister has everything on phone i cant do on tiny screen, do my head in and i only have contacts and pedimeter on mine, which she helped me with, i was there for three weeks

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Low carbs meal plan for anyone who has high cholesterol

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