Lupus test after stroke


I'm 29 years old and i had a stroke 10 weeks ago due to a tear in my blood vessel in my neck. Thankfully the tear has now healed and consultant says I'm ok.

What worries me is the lupus test they do after a stroke. Mine came back positive so Dr said I had to wait 3 months for another test to confirm if I have lupus. They said 50/50 of showing positive on first test but that hasn't helped me to be calm about it. I think because the stroke terrified me so much I'm worried now that I will have lupus and have heard/read so many horrible things about lupus. 

Did anyone else have to go through this or know why lupus test may be positive in the first test. Just worried and now dealing with PTSD as Dr has said I'm constantly anxious about it. 


hi, don't get workeds up too much, when i had mine they chucked me out the next day only to call me back for suspected sepsis (turned out to be a contaminated sample) or my wife had to take me in because my body temperature dropped to 36 celsius, in total i was in hospital 4 times, if you feel ok it may all be fine, the nhs isn't infallable, chill until you have results, at your young age you have a long life ahead of you, hopefully.


Hi Donna,

I am am going through a similar thing atm. I am 28, was a very active gym goer but had a sudden TIA whilst in the bath over Christmas 2018.

I’ve been having tests since with no real cause, although one of my bloods levels showed up as higher than normal. (Taking daily clopidogrel now). They didn’t explain with any real details, but I searched what they found and it sounds like it could be a similar thing.

Having more blood tests in the next 3 months but I’m too, now worried about the results and what this could mean.