Loss of feeling in right side

I keep having episodes every time I stand up tingling in my face arm and leg all down my right side been to hospital they couldn't find anything wrong had a scan xrays and ecg plus bloods done it happens every time I stand I am really worried 

Hi Tacman,  not quite sure how long since your stroke, but my husband had lots of sensory issues, similar to what you're describing, for quite a while after his stroke.  I found them quite alarming at first, but they seem to settle down, it's a gradual process as the brain seems to re-adjust following a stroke.  It leads to all sorts of odd sensations.  My husband described at as his body being at war with itself, it didn't feel as though he belonged in his body.  

You must make sure you are drinking lots of water, this will help with everything, including low blood pressure which could make you feel wobbly.  Change postition slowly, so that your brain has time to catch up.  

I'm sure plenty of other people will offer you sound advice on this issue, they have had the same experience as you.  Just take care, you have done the right thing and had the symptoms cheked out - it may just be a matter of time, as your body adjusts.

Take care xx