Losing my partner because I had a stroke

I had a stroke last July 2022. When this happened my ex partner changed and refused to accept I had had a stroke and said he wouldn’t be able to look after me because he couldn’t deal with illnesses or the fact he had to look after me for the rest of his life. I was so upset :sob: he was continuously arguing or moaning at me. He assaulted me so I had to get the police. He has since walked out on me thank goodness. I am such a kind caring person myself I am still struggling with how someone can be so cruel, selfish and uncaring towards another human being in the time of need especially from a so called loved on. I am very upset, fatigued, depressed and lonely now. Life is so unfair. I struggle with the fact I have had a stroke as it is. I have friends but no family. Any suggestions how to move on?


God met for man and woman which is there soul mates not Like[Sodom and Gordomon]

@Chanti i know you are feeling upset & lovely right now but you really don’t need someone like that around you in your time of need.

As @Mahoney has said maybe see if there is a support group in your area or go out with yiur friends for coffee. Not sure how affected you are but could you try volunteeting ? I always got so much out of volunteering.

We’re here too if you need to reach out. The Stroke Association do a here for you service too. Might be worth looking in to.

Sending my best wishes.

Ann x


Well she didn’t say that clearly cause by me having Deliuxes wert switched my words in my head I am forgive Pastor Smith

That’s very sad but you’ll get through this and come out the other end a much stronger person. Be sad, for now, then come out fighting! you can do this.


I understand cause lost my major stroke in 1992

I lost my wife to cancer and six months later i had my stroke still don’t know if it was stress or grief, still struggling one handed due to spasticity my local stroke servivers club does help with like minded people.


I am truly sorry feeling your pain i learn got grief in own way

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As @Mrs5K said, the Here for You calls may help because Lisa & Emma & team pair you with someone who has similar experiences.
It’s 8 weeks of ½ hr a week calls with no agenda other than to listen, help, support.
The helpline (:phone: 03033033100) can also help
Also there are local support groups listed in the post Support groups


And another one bites the dust… I had been posting about my mood. But now the news my wife has had enough of the marriage has hit me. It’s only partly because of the stroke, but it’s happened as I struggle to fix the broken brain. The relationship had been rocky for some time, probably before the strokes. It was fine while we were both busy and working, at least I thought so. Maybe it wasn’t. My kids have told me how difficult we’ve been, which makes me feel ashamed. I could blame it on the stroke, and it’s true that the stroke has made me more needy. But I also feel betrayed. Probably to be expected. Maybe I’ve been blind to what has been going on. Maybe, maybe… No-one else is involved, which is a good thing, or perhaps not. But it’s still hard to take. Friends have said they thought it was a trial separation, but I asked her and she said she didn’t think so. I feel that waiting, believing it’s a trial separation is both pointless and mad. It will not make me feel better, and may make me feel worse. It won’t fix my sense of betrayal. And it will just prolong the agony. Friends have been marvellous, as have the kids, so I have to hang onto that. As I’ve said before, Beckett (Samuel), one of if not the sole inspiration in all my reading, says it all. You must go on. I can’t go on. I’ll go on.

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Very sorry to hear your news.
I hope that when the dust settles you’ll find some comfort and a rewarding life journey in the future
Your words read as if you recognise your reality now - an important first step to acceptance and moving on


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@Manxman very sorry to hear this. I hope the support of your children & friends will get you through the difficult days & you’ll come out stronger the other side.

Sending my very best wishes to you.

Ann x

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