Looks okay to me so far

First day out for the new links.

Everything working okay here as far as I can see.

Thank you to those involved in this update.

(I still get freezes when trying to use emoticons but have discovered a work around.)

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :+1:

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I’ve not encountered any problems either (yet) but only been on here for 10 mins so far today :grin:

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Although there is a link to stroke.org.uk in the banner at the top of this thread maybe there should be one at the top of the forum page somewhere.

Could be I haven’t spotted one already in position or is there perhaps one planned for but yet to appear?

The website has two fairly prominent links

On the homepage of the desktop site to forum. They both show up with more emphasis in mobile mode

although not as prominent as the figma mock-ups that Christina was showing a couple of months ago

I would think anybody who’s found the forum would know how to get to the website ?
There is also the question mark if you’re on the desktop site.
Are you suggesting more is needed?

Also … The links within posts have not been updated to the new domain name. As long as there remains a DNS entry for it they will still work. I believe the relocation of a forum config includes a script to change them but if so then that hasn’t been run (yet?)


Well it’s today that looks as though the configuration options have not been correctly set because DNS is now returning an nxdomain forum.stroke.org.uk and I’ve seen messages from others off forum They are getting no SSL encryption on https

I’ve raised a ticket but since it’s a weekend…

I also wonder more widely because the forum software is still generating my stroke guide URLs and URLs within posts have not been converted either I think thus far we have seen website changes & DNS changes rather than any actual forum migration…

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Issues getting on via discourse anyone??

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I arrived on the forum this morning, had to log in, eventually found password, here I am, but keep your distance I am contaminated with lurgi.

Apart from lurgi all is well.

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This function wasn’t working for me, neither did the at the top of the screen and for some reason I didn’t even notice the other option you’ve circled until today.

Any change is always going to be a challenge for the brain in stroke recovery but in particular for those in the early stages. They’re the ones that concern me most :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Ive had to login again & it now takes me to a web browser rather than through the app but it does bring the forum up.


Could have been the subject of communication but…

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Hello everyone,

Firstly, we’d like to express our appreciation to all our community members for your patience and support during our recent migration to the Stroke Association website.

For those of you discussing the ways in which to access the Online Community on mobile and desktop, here are the options available:

  1. The classic way - through the Stroke Association website: as many of you have already mentioned in your posts above, you can of course access the Online Community on a desktop or mobile device, by visiting the stroke.org.uk website and clicking on the “Forum” button.

  2. Through the Discourse Hub App: If you prefer using the app, you can access the Online Community through the Discourse Hub app. Simply download the Discourse Hub App, click the + button in top left-hand corner and input the new Online Community URL onlinecommunity.stroke.org.uk and you should be good to go. If you have any trouble though, please see our self-help article for guided instructions. The app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

  3. Old URL Access: For those accessing the Online Community through the old URL (forum.mystrokeguide.com), rest assured that the redirect to the new URL is in place. However, to ensure you’re getting the freshest content and features, we recommend re-bookmarking or directly accessing the Online Community at its new URL onlinecommunity.stroke.org.uk.

We understand that changes can take a bit of getting used to, and we’re here to help. If you have any further questions do contact the team at the Service desk, or should you have any further feedback feel free to fill out our feedback form.

Once again, thank you for your continued support!

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@CommunityAdmin it’s pushing me to website via the app

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Me too from the discourse app on my ipad but the app on my phone is fine.

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Please provide a screen shot because I don’t see a + sign - where should I be loosing?
For me Each discource forum installs a new instance with no URL config or even exposure

PS if you’re a new person please introduce your self & if not then an update on the vacancy for community coordinator seems due in the interests of keeping informed


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