Looking to chat to carers, particularly in their 20,30,40s

Hi, as title says, I'd like some positive conversations with carers like me who are in their 20, 30, 40s. I will look forward to chatting x Catrin x

Hi. My name is Emma and I am 30. My husband has just returned home after being in hospital since December, due to a stroke. He's only been home a week but I'm already feeling pretty isolated and alone. Would be happy to chat and suppoer each other x

I have not been in your situation, but I am a stroke survivor. We can be very demanding and selfish.

It is important that you get some time to yourself. If your husband can't be left on his own is there a friend or family member who can sit with him while you go shopping or get a coffee with a friend?

Take any help offered.

Take a look at the Different Strokes website which caters for younger stroke survivors.

Come on here if you need any advice or if you just want to vent.

Hi there, My mum just had a stroke and I'm looking for younger stroke survivor family and friends to talk to about my experience. I'm not a carer but will most likely be helping my Dad with my Mum's care in the future. I would love to have some people to chat to and get advice from. 



Hi Cat,  Welcome to  the Forum,  I'm sure there will be someone to chat to and plenty of  advice on hand.

There is also a another good website Different Strokes which  is a UK charity set up to help young stroke survivors and  their  families. I hope you find this useful.

Regards Sue 

Hi there! I'm a younger carer and happy to connect with others in a similar situation as it can be a very isolating experience. I care for my mum who had a stroke at 47 in early 2018. I'm 32 now but had just turned 29 when I became her carer.