Looking on youtube for aphasia stuff - any recommendations?

Looking on youtube for aphasia stuff - there's lots on there. Any recommendations?

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It took six months for Aphasia to fade to an acceptable level.

I think mine was mild and it was simply blocking the words from my mouth. This was confusing because my brain was blocking the words as well. 

I flexed my chin and wiggled my tongue to keep everything moving.

there was also the issue that I couldn't take on board what was being said to me. Nor understand the incoming words.Just a little. So this chain of events took some getting used to.

the nurses understood and they spoke concisely. Not slowly, just concise. Even the ward tea lady spoke concisely. The most frustrating was friends and family who wouldn't wait for a reply and would change what they had said before I had even taken in the first words.

best wishes


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Yes! I would like to go with - Cuespeak !! What do think