Looking for lived experience volunteers

Our Here For You service is looking for more Lived Experience volunteers.

This service offers people 30-minute weekly phone calls for eight weeks. The idea is that talking things through on the phone can build confidence. It can help people feel more connected, supported and able to take the next step in their recovery.

Thousands of people have used this service so far, with more signing up every day. They tell us using this service makes them feel able to cope better with the impact of stroke and they feel more understood and connected.

To be a Lived Experience volunteer:

1.) Your experience of stroke must be at least 12 months ago. That means both stroke survivors and carers can volunteer, but the stroke had to happen at least one year ago.

2.) You must also be able to commit to a regular call at the same time each week for eight weeks.

3.) You must also have an email address and be able to access 2 training sessions via Zoom.

Anyone interested (whether already a SA volunteer or not) can sign up here Sign up to be a volunteer to support people affected by stroke - Here For You | Stroke Association


Id recommend signing up :slight_smile:
Very flexible on how much commitment, training given, support given and you get to help those who use the service


Ive just restarted working (its my 3rd week back) so im still learning how ths fatigue is affecting me.

I would definite volunteer for this if i wasnt working as the psychological side of post atroke is enormously underplayed and under supported in my opinion.

Plus my 1 year amniversary is not till the end of the mobth too.

Im sorry i cant help at the moment x.

Andy Jones.
Atroke survivor aged 54.


Congrats on restarting work, I hope you find a good routine that helps with your fatigue soon.

It is a really fantastic service and one that has really made a difference to people’s lives. We completely understand that doing volunteering like this can be difficult in terms of the time needed. Especially when you’re just getting back into working.

Thank you for all your kind words and support here on the forum, I know that it makes a difference too. x


Thanks @AshleyTH. The sense of normalness and usefulness is huge and getting paid again helps too lol.

Ive volunteered to one of the students requests ariund hope post stroke so hoping to help in that way too.

Do you have much knowledge and involvement with the brain charity ?


Feeling useful and getting paid are certainly both important! :grinning:

I’m aware of the Brain Charity, but have never worked directly with them…not sure if there have been any direct partnerships between them and Stroke Association either. I’m sure I’ve seen them on registers at similar events, but that’s the only relationship I’m aware of.

I can ask around, though, see if anyone has worked with them?


Thanks @AshleyTH




I used to volunteer at the brain charity before coming to work at the stroke association