Looking for friends in NOTTINGHAM

Hello everyone, I had a stroke in July, am virtually back to normal but not yet back in work (I’m 62). I’m finding life quite lonely as family and friends all work and have things going on.

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Hi Lynne
I live in Peterborough so I’m a bit far from Nottingham. I’m just getting used to My Stroke Guide. I’m beginning to tolerate (just !) laptop and i-pad! I had a cerebellar stroke in June during a routine cerebral angiogram to check that my AVM had been totally removed. It’s been a nightmare - was really sick and had bad vertigo and dizziness for about two months afterwards. I can understand what you mean about loneliness - I’m 50 and have been off work from my job as a busy primary school teacher for nearly 6 months. I find I am much better mentally when I get out for a walk and try and walk about 2 miles with my stick each day.

Hello Steve,
It sounds as though you had a really rough time of things. I hope you’re feeling better now. Will you be able to go back to teaching at some stage? You must miss the children and the other staff members. I miss having a purpose, a reason to get ready in the morning, and hope that in the new year, I might find some type of part-time work.

I’ve just started driving again - I passed a Drivability course last Monday (an hour of driving in Derby, some written cognitive function tests, a medical questionnaire, a total of 2.5 hours), so that’s an improvement. I went to Aqua Aerobics yesterday, the first time since June. I struggled with much of it as I’ve got a shoulder injury. I’m waiting for Physiotherapy for that.

Hello Loshy,
I don’t walk really - I can but it doesn’t interest me. I’ve just started driving again, after passing a Drivability course last week, so I’ll be able to get out more. There’s a friendship group near to me, which I’m going to go to on Thursday. From the sounds of it, I’ll be the youngest there, but it’ll get me out. I went to Aqua Aerobics yesterday, the first time since June. I struggled with a lot of it because of a shoulder injury. I’m waiting for Physio on that. I’ll go again, though. I used to go at least twice a week before I became ill in July.
Look after yourself,

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Thanks. I’m going to go to a friendship group this Thursday, which is about 1/2 a mile away. From the sounds of it, I’ll be the youngest there, but it’ll pass some time.

Hi Lynne

Yes, I’ve been having a tough time. I do hope that I will be able to work again, however, my consultant was honest with me at my appointment in October and felt it would be very difficult for me to work in a primary school classroom again. I love my job and always put my heart and soul into it - I miss the children and staff. I’m looking at all the options at the moment. I had an OH appointment a fortnight ago and that was positive but the doctor said that I certainly could not work at all. Unfortunately I had a bilateral cerebellar stroke and that has really affected balance, motion, sickness, dizziness. Thankfully I am able to go out for walks, but I do struggle and need to use a stick outside to support. With the balance, photophobia and vertigo I’m not able to drive, which is a huge blow but I know how unsafe I’d be at the wheel at the moment so I do accept it. All a pain at the moment as I was back at work last November following my brain haemorrhage in Feb 2020 and surgery to repair the AVM in August 2020. However, I know that I am really fortunate to be on my feet and try and be positive. Must be so good to be able to drive again, well done.

Hello Steve , cerebellar stroke , 2.5 years ago ,at 62 . not many of us survive this I belive. So grateful, similar to you balance, mobility, TERRIBLE FATIGUE. My treat, coffee in back garden, whatever the weather, woolly hat , gloves etc , find it clears , my head. Good talking David .

Thanks David, interesting to hear you have similar issues to me. Thanks for replying - enjoy your coffee - sounds a great idea. Steve