Looking for anyone with a similar experience

My grandma had a stroke on Sunday morning to the left side of her brain this is her second stroke she had one back in July which was a tia to the right side of the brain which she almost completely recovered from , but this time it is a lot worse and the doctors have called it a major stroke she is not yet talking to us and is basically in what I would say is A very deep sleep she opens her eyes from time to time when she hears us talking but the drifts back heavily to sleep 

we have also so found out today that she has caught phenomenia  has anyone else ever had a similar experience if so good or bad if good when did they start to wake up properly as it's been 5days now 

bless her, I had mine in oct 17 and at first in hospital did sleep a lot the fact she opens her eyes when she hears you is encouraging. Your gran is pobally worn out it will take time but you will get there. Its a slow journey. I hope she gets better soon and the medics doing everything. Thinking of you all.

Take care Karen x

Hi Diesel, my Mam had a stroke a little more than a week ago, so I'm in a similar position to you; she's gotten a little better/been more awake/aware each day but still gets very, very tired and sleepy; I can only think pneumonia would leave your Grandma even more tired again.

My Mam had a stroke on the left side and also can't talk at the moment either, she seems to be most aware of and draw the most comfort from her hand being held and I brought in a little teddy bear of hers in so she has something to hold when we're not around. 

I did also find a free App, 'Tap to Talk' on the Play Store which I think may be of use to her at some point in the future.

Hope this is of some help to you and I hope she gets well soon!


Hi, I had numerous TIAs and a full stroke in January, resulting in problems with my right leg and hand/arm (plus my thinking!). My speech is also affected and slur when I am tired. I suffer greatly with fatigue daily.  An abnormality was found in my brain and my nuerologists thinks there is a possibility i have CADASIL. I am 45 years old.  Does anyone know someone who has this? I believe is a heriditary stroke disorder and there is no treatment unfortunately.