Looking for a new job after stroke and being 50

I’m looking for a new job I do maintenance I know it will be hard after having a stroke but what’s more harder the stroke or being 50 it’s like I’m starting from the Beginning again anyone has advice or Agencies that can help me

I wonder if the Stroke Association may be able to offer some advice. Do you have any input from an OT? they may also be a good source of help.
I am about to hit 50 & hoping to go back to my old job but also may need to look at other options if that doesn’t work out. Its quite daunting isn’t it. More so because its not being done because we want to more because we have to.
Sorry I can’t be more help.

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Hi @HarDKnocK19,
We have a couple of videos on our YouTube channel you might find useful. Here’s a link to a couple of them.

Our support line might also be able to point you to more information. You can call [0303 3033 100](tel:0303 3033 100) or email helpline@stroke.org.uk.


@HarDKnocK19, I’m an author but have had to supplement my writing income by teaching. After stroke, I had to question again whether teaching was something I could return to. I decided not. I also keep bees, so I made the decision that I would sell my honey instead. A change is good for the brain, if you can find something that compliments who you are and your lifestyle, it is not a closed door but many open doors which to choose from. There will be obstacles, as fatigue and other symptoms do hinder progress but one advantage for us stroke survivors with technology, is that we can consider many forms of income from our homes without needing to travel places. It may be a modest income but with the right balance it could all work out okay. You are still very young, and I’m sure with your background in maintenance, you have many skills to offer.


In the area where I work there is an organisation that provides support to help disabled people or people with long term health conditions look for work. Give your local job centre a call and ask do they have a specialist service or organisation providing support in your area. Worth a try - good luck