Long haul

Feeling tonight that I m not up to the long haul! Triggered by being stuck on the commode while my husband spoke to workman we have in to do our bathroom' felt very vulnerable! My husband though I worried too much over nothing' I cAn take a few steps now with supervision bout along way from being independent! Hate being disabled and helpless!! Feel like I'm not strong enough for how ever long it takes this isn't a life it's an existence didn't appreciate how good my life was before

It can seem hard and dark at times but you will recover how much who knows but it will get better just take it day by day. Have you spoken to your OT. If there is anything I can drop me a line. You hard not alone x

Hello Jane,

Have you had a look at the Peer Support page here? (https://www.stroke.org.uk/peer-support) It may help to be in touch with other stroke survivors outside of just the forum. I was put into contact, by Community Steps, with a lovely gentleman who had the same stroke as I did at around about the same time, we've written letters (emails) to each other throughout our entire recovery process, it has been immensely beneficial to my morale even though he has made far better and quicker progress than me! But we have been able to share milestones and grumbles as well. The long haul can be draining at times, sometimes I feel like a wounded duck, and the frustration of being so limited in what I can do can at times be unbearable, but I keep reminding other people about what progress I have made, no matter how small. In a sense, even though everyday is a challenge, the amount of time spent getting to a stable state is small scale in the scheme of things, and we'll have many good years of hopefully putting that struggle, mostly, behind us. 

Thai might try that just need some one to talk to who understands what I am going through! Have been put in touch with a lovely lady via my stroke nurse! Nice to chat to her really but not as bad as me and Doesn't really benefit me! Perhaps I am being ungrateful!! I resent so much at the moment! Which isn't me!!

ThankdesWhat's your story? I feel very vulnerable! Which I hate'! 

Morning, stay strong, it can be very frustrating but logging any progress how either big or small is a big enough help as it’s hard to remember how we were and how we are now with out noticing any improvements.

Morning Jane ,try and stay strong ,it's not easy ,but do look for the little positives in the day as hard as it may seem,your probaly grieving for the old you ,but your here and now you have to dig deep and try to enjoy and flourish the new you ,you will make progress especially if your mind is in a good place ,like someone said try and keep a journal.ive been doing it since the stroke and when I came home from the hospital I couldn't even walk down to the end of my drive ,but had forgot that until I read it ,stay strong and positive and I'm sure you will make some progress ...pippy x

Jane, As everyone has said, stay strong. You have taken your first steps, more will come. When I came home, I had a Zimmer frame. My first steps were to next door's drive and back again. I then added a house a day until I got to the end of the road and back again. I then walked round the corner etc., I am on a stick now and manage a reasonable distance.

On a more human level, we were lucky to have a downstairs look. One day, when my partner was out, I thought I would try to pee standing. I fell over in the loo and had to crawl to the lounge to get myself up. My partner was furious with me. I am now under instructions never to lock the downstairs loo door. Not had a fall for a good two years (touch wood).Stay strong, no matter how hard it is.

Thanks poppy are you recovering now? Xx

Hi my stroke was mild it's only five weeks old. I can drive now after one month and can move around walking is ok but I still have to think about it if I don't use my stick. My mind speech and eyesight was not affected, I have a slight stammer but had that  since I was born.  We all have days when we feel lost and hopeless but and I know the is hard try to see the things you can do rather then what you cannot. I know it's easy to say and hard to do. My wife and I are both care workers in the community and my daughter is at university at Plymouth studying marine biology. I do hope u recovery goes well it will take time to easy in yourself take care desx

Thankspippyare you recovering now? Xx

Welcome Jane ,yes it's 9 weeks today since my stroke,and if I never wrote in my journal I wouldn't have remembered how bad I was ,I couldn't walk at all in the hospital I was helped with 2 physios one each side holding me,but guess my stubborness payed off for once and I kept going for it and one thing I remember my stroke co ordinator said to me at my bedside was I needed to try and think happy thoughts because when my brain re mapped itself it would heal more positive ,but if I kept crying and being negative like I was my brain would map itself always thinking negative because that's what I was signaling to it ,so with my phycologist and myself I tryed it and can honestly say I'm much better in my mind and body now ,Im back to the new me which I'm liking ,I'm bit forgetful and sometimes cannot for the life of me remember names or sometimes what I'm going to say ,but I laugh at myself and say to friends and family meet the new me ,they all laugh with me now ,but even that's getting better now ,so Jane hang in there try and find things that make you smile and build up on that ,if your stressed your body won't relax which means your limbs will stiffen up too ...I wish you all the best and always here if you want to chat like everyone on this site is which is a comfort ...pippy x

Thanks pippyx

Thanks pippyx

Welcome Jane always here to chat x

Done thanks x

Well, I hope through the challenges, there is some reprieve. I have just resurfaced from three months of existing almost entirely in my pajamas. I tend to locate the little moments of pleasure and cling to them, whether it is reading in bed or watching a favourite telly programme. I have had my reslience stretched to the very limit, I haven't visited any very dark places but I have certainly steeped in some bleak ones. Some people would say to me, 'Every cloud has a silver lining", and during my worst times, I'd say, 'Yes, but unfortunately, every silver lining comes with its cloud.' I hope you find those moments of peace, I really do.

Hi Jane, been there felt that. But if you was to just give up, you would put more strain on your devoted hubby and family or you could just bite your lip and knuckle down to trying even harder and try and get some of your independance back. Yes its bloody hard work! im not gonna sit here and lie to you and sugar coat it, but the rewards far outweigh the negative.  I gave up a while back and did something so very stupid its one of many regrets and then i had to explain to friends and family why i did give up my family and friends were devasted and they admitted they would be alot worse without me here. So go through life and think of all those peoples lives you complete by being here and how much heart ache you would create by not! every day you wake up is your achievement ( like the police sing: "every little you do is magic!")crap i know but its the best I have got. Keep on pushing G56 you have got this ! Neil x

How are you doing now all the best des

Still up and down! My walking seems to be improving! Need my husband with m though miss my independence!