Long Covid!

That is a new term I learnt today! I had my stroke towards the end of November 2018 - nearly 2 years ago! I recovered well initially, but 5 months later had the first of a series of post stroke seizures, but haven't had one since April this year. Keeping my fingers crossed I am on the right dosage of medication. However, very probably had a relativelt mild dose of Covid 19 the weekend immediatelt before lockdown and again seemed to recover quite well. Then in April was diagnosed with high anxiety and the anti-dperessants helped, but in July began suffering shoulder and upper arm pain and now fatigue. Listening to Radio 4 today these symptoms seem to be what the doctors are calling long Covid. My affected side from the stroke is more wobbly than it has been for quite a while and I won't make my goal of running 10k by 24th November. Anyone else having this after Covid? Life feels a bit sh*t at the moment at times and I have to rest everyday, which is boring! Seeing GP tomorrow so maybe I'll get some answers as I've also lost 5kg in weight.