feeling low after christmas as family are too far, and weather not great, no groups happening hubby dont mindm i cant talk to him about problems, need a like minded person to talk to

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I felt the same way. Everything I do is difficult and my sons are not really interested in anything besides recovery because it is too hard for them. I hated this holiday and felt like I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Sorry for the bah humm bugg but it’s the truth. I’m still hoping to get better, as I’m 7 months out so maybe next Christmas will be better.

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Sorry to hear you’re both struggling @tricia3
& @Mbhope.

Christmas can be a difficult time for many as lots of things shut down & normal routines are altered. All the things we normally immerse ourselves in just aren’t about for a couple of weeks.

Last year I had only just come out of hospital & spent the festive season watching from the sidelines. A year on I have been able to participate a little bit more although not to the extent I used to.

Hang in there it’s just a few days till everything returns to normal. There’s usually someone around on here if you need to reach out.

Best wishes.

Ann x

Tricia. We are all here to help. It is a sad truth, but others, including family, do not understand how lonely we feel sometimes. Often they think we will get ‘better’ but stroke isn’t like the flu. I do my best to remain upbeat, but it’s hard sometimes…mostly because we cannot do what we want or go anywhere at the drop of a hat. Try to find comfort in ‘the small things of everyday’. That could be a moment’s bird song, an unexpected flower in bloom or just knowing you are in a warm house with a roof over your head. Hard, I know, but looking for the positives is better than dwelling in the negatives.


thanks for replying, it was nice at sons, as he is so caring, its when i come home as family are so far away and me and hubby are different i need to see people, he isnt so bothered, the weather is wet,i d get tired, but walked 2 miles today and when i was there as i got confused where the footpath was, as i went a bit further

thanks just get lonely being away from family, they are in essex, me in somerset. son =in tamworth area

thanks,my son is very caring

look awful with new hat

Thank you @Mrs5K . I can identify with @tricia3 because physical deficits inhibit activities which then turns into a spiral of loneliness and isolation.

Mbhope–I’ve been where you’re at. 7 months out is not far at all. I was really “down” then. I asked a friend, who’d had a stroke when she started to fell “better”, like “herself again”? She laughed and said “at about 4 years.” I know that sounds like a long way away, but you will continue to feel better all around as each month goes by . There’ll be more and more good days, and the “feeling good” times will last longer, and one day you’ll realize that you’ve had 3 good days strung together, and then a whole week. I am feeling pretty good now, and it has been about 4 years. But they have not been 4 bad years, just 4 years of getting closer and closer to feeling good. Hang in there. :slightly_smiling_face: Jeanne P.S. You’re allowed to feel glum now and then . Everyone is.

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Thank you for your words of encouragement. I just had an occupational therapist tell me I may have this thalimic pain for life but I think we can all be more hopeful if recovery, albeit small, can continue for YEARS. I SO needed to hear this.

Yes it can be hard people do not understand always what a stroke can do hope u find thec right support soon we are always here with kind regards des

@tricia3 @Mbhope Hi both and everyone else on here, I can only say that you have to keep going, @Mahoney @Mrs5K @axnr911 have said it all already - we are all here to support each other, to help when we are down and to have a laugh and a joke when we are that little bit stronger. Please don’t stop visiting this site, we are all just a typed message away! John aka Bert

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thanks went to the charity shop today, can only do a couple of hours, missed the bus back, o had to walk from main road, erxuasted, as it up hill to top of village

Great that you’re able to help at the charity shop. Well done on the walk too x

thanks didnt look round much, or buy anything,glad when holidays are over as noone visits, dont think anything is happening here, happy new year

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Thank you. I feel like I need a lot of information and stroke survivor support. No progress for the last three months is hard. I appreciate all of you.