Lonely after stroke?

Anyone feel lonely after your stroke? Not being able to do things like before is so frustrating.


Hello RaksP.
This is something that I experience myself. I live by myself and that makes the long dark and cold winters a challenge because I only get out for essential things like food shopping or health appointments. The loneliness is mitigated by taking part in these forums and I also take part in another health related forum. I also listen to the local BBC radio station and try to take part in quiz competitions and on air chat when I can.

The summer months are better for me and I can get out a little bit more, eg a short walk occasionally to my nearby pub where I can sit and talk to people ‘live’. I also use my bus pass to go on an occasional trip and have lunch out on a nice day. I often end up chatting to someone!

I hope I have given you some ideas on how to break up that loneliness.


Hi, I totally understand where you are coming from. I live with my husband of 40 years who has been amazing throughout my journey since my stroke 6 years ago. We also see lots of our 3 grown up children and our grandchildren.

Although they all include me in everything, I do sometimes feel as though I’m on the outside looking in. I feel very frustrated as I was always the family organiser and find it difficult to take a back seat.

I know I’m very fortunate and feel grateful for my amazing husband and children. Luckily I enjoy my own company and some days look forward to some peace and quiet when they’ve all been here :blush:.

Regards Sue


@RaksP yes, there have been times when i’ve felt very lonely. I joined some online forums which helped with this. As i’ve improved i have also started short walks & i often bump into someone to have a quick chat with. This helps but of course doesn’t stop the loneliness when you get back home.

But yes I do miss being able to jump in my car & pop to the shops or for a coffee.

Hopefully in time you’ll get out a bit more & the loneliness will ease. Xx

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I feel lonely and have a kind of sad ache inside, even though, by choice I had lived alone since the children left some years ago. Unfortunately my mobility is poor and I think getting worse. I can no longer get out on my own and can hardly walk. Needless to say I can no longer drive. I have no grandchildren and although my two daughters are very good they have family committments and work full time in demanding jobs. I really miss walks, that was my main hobby, social life and holidays so all gone in one fell swoop. I was managing to walk very short distances with an appliance, and would
Ld always find someone to chat to but that’s got impossible now. I have got friends but some of them are elderly and g
Have small cars which make the wheelchair difficult to lift in and out. Then they struggle to push it! But I do get taken out and do zoom meetings, go to support groups, for the company mainly, ring people and listen to e books (which are free from my local library). So not all doom and gloom. Overall I find the Forum uplifting because you get to people with similar issues. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors but my fingers are shaky and my eyesight poor!


My husband wanted a divorce when I took the stroke. Convinced him that I should divorce him, to save my sanity after his adultery whilst I was fighting for my life in hospital. After a year in hospital, I returned to Scotland. Got back with my childhood sweetheart, Billy. Sadly, he died a few years ago. Live alone, and honestly doesn’t bother me, as have brilliant neighbours and friends. Am a lifelong poet, which is a solitary pursuit. Relish your independence, and return to hobbies, existing and old pals, maybe? Best of luck. Carole xx


Hopefully my mobility will improve to be able to be able to get to normal again


good luck to all and happy easter

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