Hi everyone, I just wondered where people on here are from?

I live near Pewsey in Wiltshire. 


I live in Kidderminster. I have a friend, Ffinlo Costain, who used to live in Pewsey.

I've only moved about 10 miles in my life ? I've lived all round Pewsey but never in it but went to school there! Thank you for replying and hope you're having a good day ?

I live near Richmond North Yorkshire 

We live in North Norfolk, originally from Hampshire, but lived in Norfolk since 1982!

Would be happy to meet up with people from this site, but realise we're quite a long way out on a limb, not en-route to anywhere else, other than the welcoming North Sea cryinglaugh xx

Lived in Harrow most of my life but seven years ago I moved to Tendring district,north east rural Essex. No stroke association here, so Ipswich and Colchester are the closest SA stroke groups.

That was my thinking too x

Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. 

Hi. I'm in County Armagh in Northern Ireland