Local lad + picnics

Hello wonderful people,

Firstly, where do I get a local lad to come and cut the grass? It takes 12’ to cut my lawn and there’s a good lawn mower in the garage. The drive-speed is either 0 or about Too-much mph for me to keep up. I’ll offer £10 if anyone can do Bristol, BS6. I wish I knew the local whatsapp group to ask.

Next I’m looking for picnic sites and locations with direct (250m or so) access to nature. Again, around Bristol. I know a few places around the Cotswold area, but not many with immediate access to the countryside. There must be a website? Most parking spots require a 1km walk which is too much. Google Earth is a great tool, but I need pointers !

I just did my first bit of gardening ; 15 min… exhausted but the start of a new era !!

Good luck to all, ciao, Roland


Do you have the Nextdoor app? I often see people advertising on there for gardeners, odd job people? It’s a local thing so someone near you should know someone.

Can’t help with picnic sites other than suggesting google i’m afraid.


You could give it a go at bringing nature to you if you have a garden that allows it ?

Bug houses, flowers for pollinators and the garden changes massively with a pond ?

If you have power outside …
Rather than having to dig down loads (perhaps a foot or something, add some sand to make it soft and buy a kit from woodblox ? They design whatever shape you want or just go for a standard shape. Add a liner and a pump and a filter, little bit of pipework, with a bit of help and away you go
It’s mostly hammering with a rubber mallet to put it together.

Or a pre formed one from Blagdon ?

Not saying you will get kingfishers :grin: but frogs, newts, dragonflies,water lilies

, fish are very relaxing.

Even easier is a mini pond in a barrell, the water plants keep the water nice and clean and as not very big, easy to look after.

Raised beds also make things easier as don’t have to bend down so far


Do you get a freebie newspaper ? Often adverts in there from tradespeople?

Facebook has BS6 & Surrounding community. 1.7k members.

Have a search using BS6 as there is another group which is BS5 BS6 BS7 BS8 BS9 connect.

Or use the village name ?

Willsbridge Mill is nice, surrounded by woods, a stream and some trails. Avon Valley railway a mile away from there which has a nice cafe which I think is open pretty much every day.

Severn Beach has a very flat walkway right next to the severn.


Try contacting your local Ramblers group, they might help you with local walks and picnic sites.
Ramblers Wellbeing Walks Bristol

Hey, by the way, AgeUK Bristol even do Tai Chi Shibashi classes
Welcome to Age UK Bristol
Good place to make new friends and socialise after a class. It’s just one of reasons I go to so many and is also great for improving my aphasia.
Think this is just for the same group just advertised via local council website ( Friends Ageing Better)

Also, your local church and supermarket notice boards might be a good place to find someone to mow the lawn.

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There are lots advertising grass cutting etc on our local Facebook pages and easy on there to just ask as well. Also there are usually opinions on where to go for picnics etc too …


Thx Ismeval,

though I’m not sure what exactly I should be looking for on Facebook

cheers, Roland

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Whatever one you follow, just ask exactly as you have done here for example “looking for someone to cut the grass, any recommendations “ …… you will probably get someone replying direct …. That’s how we first got our gardener and been coming regularly every two weeks in the summer …and very reasonably priced ….


NextDoor is normally my ‘go to’ for any local help. Facebook also has local pages. Or, splash out on a remote controlled grass cutting machine.


For the local stuff CraigsList website or Google near me or Facebook market? There’s normally a FB group for a locale we have one for Danderhall, one for dalkeith, one for Edinburgh etc

I swapped lawn mower post stroke to the spear and Jackson battery mower from 2 petrol mowers which I have away - it’s light, not self propelled does a great job, was walking therapy 1st year

Picnic spots - try redit - suggestions were Perrettes Park, Purrdown, conham, Troopers hill, Turbo island and more



Maybe pop down B&Q in the week or one evening to try a few mowers out for how easy they are to manoeuvre?

Battery mowers got to be so much safer than corded when the concentration is even more on walking than ever before.

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Clever, if I don’t run myself over!!

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More enjoying nature from an armchair. Sited two bird feeders. Six feet from window, one filled peanuts the other a mix of seeds and suet pellets. Sit contently watching comings and goings, love all birds even jackdaws who are determined to dismantle them, wood pigeon whose technique is to deliberately crash into seed feeder to release seed to peck up from ground. Slowly built up to 14 different species. Stroke affected my vision but enough to see birds, size, shape and cololour bit confusing at times but I get there.


Post stroke I got rid of my petrol mowers and I got a spear and Jackson battery one after extensive searches of Which? and review sites.

I’ve found it excellent!
Capable, maneuverable,…

From Argos!


Thx, Simon
Do you have to push it or does it have its own drive? (methinks not?)
ciao, Roland


I push it - that’s how I stay on my feet!
It’s light & also capable

I got a strimmer that uses the same battery