Little by Little

A few days ago,I realised I am doing much more around the house than I used to. It is still accompanied by a fair amount of swearing, but I can cook, wipe surfaces down, take bins out and a few more things. The exercises to stabilise my weak hand and arm continue. I have even been taken down our shopping centre to buy trousers. I go to M&S because they have a disabled changing room.

I still cannot use the left hand to eat with, although recently I can hold a banana in it and raise it to my mouth fluidly enough to eat the banana. Walking still brings good days and bad days and the fatigue still hasn't gone away. Frustration is still there, but no resignation. I press on, even though it is all a case of little by little.

I wish you all a pleasant Christmas and hope it is not too stressful for you. I am still not very good in crowds and I do wish people were a bit more thoughtful towards the disabled. Some are very considerate, others oblivious. Oh and they're still telling me I look well!

Dear John

I fully understand that you suddenly realize that you can do more than a year ago. I put this down to our improvements being so very slow that we can not notice. It is lovely that you can do more. I think your partner must also think it lovely !

Your email was well timed for me. This morning I resolved to tighten up on my resting periods. I am doing too many things and not progressing at all. So today I have returned to my routine of having a half hour rest as soon as I have had breakfast.I think I must make more space for resting. In the long run I think I can do more by having regular rests.

My SF is still hopeless, it starts up just about all day every day. But on the plus side I dont think it is so severe. 

I am benefiting from gentle yoga. It is a tiny group and almost as good as one to one. My feet have been freed up. The yoga leader suggests that the nerve endings were shot and, by standing and sitting correctly I have released them. he improvement for this was instant and has lasted two weeks and more. It is wonderful. I can now walk without pain. I havent gone more than a half mile, but I reckon a mile will be achieved whenever I decide to walk that far. Not sure if I need another physio to show me how to walk correctly. Whatever, it is just marvellous to free my feet. Best xmas present ever.

Best wishes to you John.



That's good news John. It does creep up on you and you suddenly realise the improvements. I can now undo bottle tops which I couldn't before I re-started weightlifting so my strength levels are improving.  I find that if something upsets me, the fatigue can creep back in but I have an early night instead of going back to resting through the day. Our daughter is in hospital at the moment having broken her leg in 5 places whilst on holiday in Poland. She has had one op and has to have another 2 but they keep getting cancelled due to more urgent cases. We are all upset that she won't be home for Christmas and on top of that, they had to have one of their cats put to sleep too.  Seeing her so upset has had  a big effect on me this week but she has been so brave up to now and keeps smiling through! 

Hope you have a good Christmas and New Year and take care x

Hello John, so pleased to hear that you are continuing to make progress, (I'm sure we'll all be signing you up to help out around the house, I know I could certainly use some extra help!! ? we live out in the country, so no-one will hear you swearing!!) Seriously though, it's so lovely to know that progress sneaks up quietly when we're busy getting on with life - although I know you personally devote a lot of effort to gaining strength, co-ordination etc. - those small steps build into larger steps and suddenly you're able to carry out day-to-day tasks.  I'm so pleased for you ?

I have to mention that I still can't change my duvet cover without thinking of you - I just can't un-see that image!!

Take good care, have a lovely C'mas xxx

Thank you John for an inspiring and motivating post. I am struggling with the "ACCEPTANCE" part of my personal mantra right now especially as my rehabilitation and improvement has slowed down. I know there are so many things I need to be thankful for and appreciative but once in a while it just hits me - I miss my old self. I guess accepting that it is but normal to feel that way is part of my rehabilitation. But to be reminded that even though the improvements are barely showing and taking a very, very long time, they are happening as long as I keep moving is very motivating. EVERY MOVEMENT COUNTS...