light headed

hi i had my stroke  14 months ago i have been trying to go for walks but i dont get very far i feel really tired and have to sit down and sometime go light headed hope am not the only one i want to get back to normal and when am tied some of my words dont come out rightx

Dear Lynn

Thats very much what most of us suffer.

So often the need is to rest and relax. 

If you had suffered from a common illness and had been laid up for months, then you would be tired and light headed, so we have to allow for that.

You are now at a crucial stage. You need to keep all the joints and all the muscles moving as best you can. They will start to get bad if you let them go to pot.

Do try to get walking, even if its just a short way. Build up slowly. 

Think about where you will be in a few months, think about what you want to achieve, then think about how you will get to these achievements. Only you can do it. No one is going to arrive and get you better, its down to us.

You wll not return to what you were before stroke. Your brain is damaged so it cant go back to be the old Lynn. But what you can have is a new Lynn. And who knows what that might be ? 

Keep at it. Dont loose heart. Smile a lot. Be positive. What CAN you do rather than what cant I do.

You are special. You have survived a stroke when many do not.

I hope you go to your local stroke group, just to keep in touch with fellow survivors. And to pick up tips and advice.

Best wishes


Thanks colin that really helped i wont give up i am going to keep up with my walking people are worse of than me am lucky just need to take ech day as they come thank you colin

Nice attitude. You will recover well with that outlook.