Light head, headaches and nausea

I am 51 years old, generally physically fit. I suffered 2 strokes at the beginning of February this year. Both were to the right side of the brain described as acute R ACA infarct and further R cerebellar infarcts. I was very fortunate that I regained mobility to my left side and nearly all sensation shortly after my emergency admission to hospital.

I was discharged after 2 days and since returning home have suffered from light heady feeling for the first few days. Since then this has deteriorated to stronger headaches, more severe light headiness and nausea leaving me restricted to lying down or sitting and not feeling well or confident enough to go about the house much of the time. This also causes anxiety. I’m currently always feeling light headed but the strength of these symptoms vary from day to day and hour to hour.

It’s only been just over 3 weeks since my strokes so very early days and I’m just seeking some reassurance that these post stroke symptoms have been experienced by others. Reading some posts dizziness and nausea is a theme in cerebellar strokes.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


@Blakeneilr welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had a stroke. I had a right sided occipital lobe stroke & I too suffered with a lot of dizziness, light headedness, nausea & headaches for the first 6 months or so post stroke. I wasn’t able to move around much initially & needed to rest loads.

It really is early days for you yet & don’t be afraid to rest up as your brain needs to start its repair process.

Best wishes for your recovery journey.



Thanks Ann for responding that’s really appreciated and reassuring. I forgot to say my name which is Neil btw.

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Thanks Jane, as severe as the other symptoms can be, anxiety trumps them all and is the toughest to deal with so far. Your responses have helped enormously in that regard. Thank you v much.

I had two strokes just over a year ago and was in and out of hospital for a while. Unfortunately my walking is very poor (and in another life I was a long distance walker) but I’m waiting for an orthotic device which I hope may help. I have felt sick and dizzy ever since and it has been really bad but at the moment it is ok. The dizziness is a bit frightening particularly when I am unsteady. However, I have to say, in my case it has improved over time. So I hope it does for you

Bore da @Blakeneilr, aye, cerebellar stroke can cause conflict with the vestibular system, the finely tuned system that keeps us steady, and it can also disrupt the sensory system; sight, sound, touch. So, I am to understand the nausea is an effect of motion sickness. I had bouts, on and off. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and rest, and don’t rush around when you feel good, that can cause regression. For many months, the only reprieve I had was being supine. I didn’t leave the house for about six months but got to know the copper beech out of my bedroom window very well.

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@Blakeneilr Hi Neil I have no experience of this, however it’s still early days for you. my only suggestion would be to contact your stroke consultant for advice

I’m fortunate enough to have health insurance and seeing a neurologist next week and I’m sure I’ll get some good advice.

@Blakeneilr @Rups the nausea could also be caused but the natural brain reaction to the effects of a stroke being interpreted as the same as any poisoning (e.g. drunkenness after drinking alcohol). It’s pretty common, i know i had it and vomiting with my cerebellar stroke. It does pass as you become accustomed to what has happened.


Aye, the vomiting was horrendous for me. It took me several months to feel comfortable brushing my teeth after, as sometimes brushing the tongue can cause a dry retch, and this would remind me of that vile night.

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Hello @Blakeneilr
Sorry you found yourself having to join this forum like the rest of us, but you’ll be glad you did I’m sure.

I had a R Cerebellar stroke caused by artery dissection on the 20th Jan and everything you are describing sounds like a day in my life.

The headache, the nausea and the dizzyness, I have found that some days feel better than others, don’t be fooled, I often get up and motivate myself to do things on those good days, but I pay for it with a headache later in the day and the whole day after.

In regards to the anxiety, I came to this forum hoping to find someone that understood the ‘feeling of impending doom’ that sat in the pit of my stomach and low and behold I was relieved to find that I don’t think there is a SS on here who hasn’t felt it.
Not that it makes your feelings any less, but just that you know it’s perfectly normal and actually I’d be quite alarmed to find someone who has had a stroke and not been anxious afterwards, that seems less normal to me.

Be kind to yourself and don’t feel guilty for resting, sleeping is a fabulous little tool, I love a good nap anytime in the day.

Gem x

Thanks Gem, everything you said applies to me. It’s reassuring to know that it isn’t just me. I’m fast learning rest and sleep are so important. I wish you all the best in your recovery.

Sorry your here but now you’ve arrived welcome

Initially your head will be dealing with the edema and the necrotic brain tissue from your stroke so what seems like random shiit will happen. It’s very scary (ime) when something new or worse but new normal starts happening. Deffo stay alert and don’t totally ignore - I certainly had a few a&e trips that were safe not sorry false alarms after I was discharged - but also balance that alertness with awareness that things settling causes symptoms too
There is also research that after maybe 6 months the physical healing has mostly happened and plasticity etc may cause new reactions eg different fatigue so the sometimes hear ‘stroke, the gift that keeps on giving’

It was worth studying anxiety reduction methods for me because the new strange feelings cause -still- anxiety which uncontrolled cause physical symptoms then I can’t tell what happening. At least when I can tell the anxiety to piss off I can examine the strange more like the frequent mild headache, tinnitus vertigo etc that increases in the last 8 months