Light at the end of the stroke tunnel

I am aware the recovery journey is long and endless, but what were the earliest feelings of contentment over recovery, the I can now be me again to an acceptable level, that sort of yhing

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When I was in the hospital the lads on my ward sort of gelled together. The nurses had a habit of tidying away the call button so you couldn’t ring when you needed to. Another patient spotting the dilemma would ring their bell and a nurse would arrive to be directed to whoever needed them.

We also commandeered a long table and sat together around it for meals instead of sitting separately at our beds. We made a good group and being a part of it helped me a lot and others there too, I think.
Despite being surrounded by people and activity all around, being in bed can be a very lonely experience.
I judge myself lucky to have been a part of a group where the ice somehow got broken.

We are social animals and need fellow feeling as much as we need physical healing.

Some of that I now find on this Forum.

take care
keep on keepin on


@mrfrederickson I am now 7 months post stroke & have come to terms with the fact that life will not be the same again but in some areas that’s not a bad thing. I’m content that I may not get back to running. I’m just grateful I have some mobility although still strive for improvements.
If I could crack the fatigue & hearing issues I will probably be content.

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It is two years since I had a stroke and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have been through a more emotional journey than I could ever imagine but what is working for me is reminding myself what I can still do and not think too much about what I cannot. Anthony :grinning:


Approximately 3 months post-stroke I had regained no movement in my arm or leg. One day I was lying in my hospital bed, Periodically I would send a message to my leg to lift. On one occasion my leg obeyed and lifted 2 inches off the bed. It was one of the most intense experiences of my life. An experience most people will never have ( and would never want).It was extra special because my mother was there visiting. When I showed her what I could do she got very excited because i had been told I might never walk. From there it was a hard slog to standing and walking, but after that point I knew I could do it.


I hear what you are saying if I could get the pain to a acceptable level and some basic arm movement I would be on my way, hope we both get to that sweet place


For me it’s am in going thing, it’s the fatguie that I find the hardest. But I had my stroke at 61 and it could of been a lot worse.

we all should learn how to handle and be ok with this fatigue. i am suffering badly with fatigue, always feeling tired, sleepy and no motivation. it was not bad earlier but after some months of my stroke i have thyroid which has made me worse.

really do not feel any motivation…

we all should calculate how many hours we can do work and how many hour we need the rest or how many breaks we all should do take. otherwise we will become miserable for ourselves and people around us. remember no one can see our pain and what we fighting with so do not hope anyone would understand.

smile often.

Thanks Anthony good mantra, just returning from a coffee and bacon bap at my local garden centre, always make the effort

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thank you, same i was always on the go pre stroke. now pain and fatigue just puts in a very terrible mode.
my gp did gave me the hope the thyroid medication would bring the change in my strength but it has done nothing. though my blood level’s are fine.
going for scan for thyroid on Saturday let’s see…
feel like since 2019 i am in a constant circle of pain, fatigue, foggy brain, tiredness and disappointments. and i am the same person who hardly known to paracetamol…
today while sitting at work thinking to talk with my boss, can i work from home? i am scared let’s see.

@nadya hope all goes well with your thyroid scan. Hope your boss agrees for you to work from home too xx

Same for me was always on the go but the fatguie from the stroke which was about 14 months ago as slowed me down I doubt I will go back to paid work in pip and ESA support group. The had bit is both fatguie and that u life changes to fast one day it are ok next day you are not

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