Lessons of the duvet

I have written about changing my bed several times, but changing it today I realised the task has taught me many lessons. Firstly, I never want to do it. That can be a typical post stroke reaction…easier to do nothing than to make the effort. I always tell myself to get on with it. That way I get over hurdle number one. Then I strip the bed and pillow cases. I have to remember to put the old covers and pillow cases well away from the bed, because if I don’t my legs will get tangled up in them. I then choose the new bedding. This is only frustrating when I find the duvet cover inside out. Then the fun begins. I know I will have real trouble getting the duvet into its cover, but I battle until I do. Every
Minute of this task is frustrating, but I know I can’t not do it. The worst task is buttoning up the bottom. My stroke hand is utilised, but is fairly useless. Every button done up is a major challenge and minor achievement. Poppers are much easier. I rest when I need to. You have to stay positive at this point and swearing helps. Flicking the duvet into place takes several attempts because my stroke side is weaker than my good side. I fend off frustration and somehow manage it.

I think what I’m saying is that we survivors need to be patient and put our frustrations to one side. If you don’t try to do things, not only are you achieving nothing, but you’re letting stroke dictate your behaviour rather than accepting the challenge and pushing forward. Years ago, changing the bed took ten minutes…now it takes up to 45 minutes, but it gets DONE!


And @John_Jeff_Maynard, the reward is that there is nothing better than slipping into fresh, clean sheets :grinning:


That’s funny @John_Jeff_Maynard :rofl:
I keep saying to my wife, “That’s it, I’m not doing that any more…in fact, if anything happens to you, I’m not going to change the bed, or have a wash, or cut my hair, or…” and then we start laughing.
In fact, I’ve just read your message to my wife and then mine and we are chuckling now :rofl:


That is the key point - jobs get done. Plan the job - work steadily (rest when necessary) and I reward myself with a brew and a biscuit when finished.


@John_Jeff_Maynard your message is so true. If we don’t try we’ll never know & who cares how long it takes as long as we get there. Hopefully in time it will take less time.
There’s nothing nicer than fresh bedding when you clamber in at night :grin:


I have only had (or at least only remembered) one dream since my stroke and I wasted it on Rishi Sunak. I dreamed that he asked me to solve all the problems of the economy and I resolved them by removing the pillow cases from inside the duvet. Thinking about it perhaps there’s a moral in there somewhere as niether sorting the economy or changing the duvet is an easy job


Sounds to me like you’re doing well @sosgez and you’ve got to be proud of what you’re achieving! Take care, Bert

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