Lesson learnt

Lol I have just lost this message which at the time was not saved so try again. On Friday we had to go to Plymouth to pick up my daughter from university. We had to take our estate car as my wife's car would not carryon my daughter things. My wife will not drive a manual car hers is am automatically. So normally I would drive there and back into e Day. But after my stroke my wife and I stayed overnight first. Off we went all was ok still we heard that the M4 was closed. Which meant that the M5 and M6 which we were on had tailed backs  in various partsalmost all the way down which made driving more trying as it's stop start. Made it ok. Daughter and her boyfriend took us out for a meal first timewe had meet him. Not sure what he thought as has I walkedlike someone who was much older. He knew I had a stroke. Went back to hotel I fell straight asleep. In the mornings ? packed the Carnot me we had help drove home the 305 miles had a trye blowout on the M6 mangered to get the the hard shoulder from the outside line that was fun. Recovery firm we have got someone to fix it and off we went home. Lesson learnt the new me cannot do what the old me could do I was and still am today washed out.wkuldi cothe same journey again no. When my daughter goes back we will take my car which is an automatice sothat sedan share the driving. I did not get up till oneoclock today Andi was the first up lol. I do not know about anyone else but I need a lot more sleep and in the morning are the hardest part of the Day do others find this. In the morning late stop we are going on holiday but my wife is driving ? I need to e to recovery hope all have a good week des


Hi Des,  sounds bit of a nightmare. Poss think I am further on then you,  2 years . Don't think I will be driving again,  shame as aged 63 . Slow scooter,  walker & if good stick. I feel although not improved,  I am better at managing my condition, which in turn poss does not get me down as much ,believing I can achieve various & then getting knocked down when I fail . Although others prefer not to sleep during day , personally need 1 hour & bed rest midday. Have tried to miss this but again now realise,  better to go with it .

Max car journey for me as passenger is 15 mins . Too much sensory overload.  I feel I would benefit from horse blinkers !

Good speaking David. 

Yes, I am not good in the morning, and am an exceedingly slow riser. I need eight hours sleep, and usually I don't nod off until past 1 am. I wake up around 10 am each day, somtimes can sleep until noon if particularly rundown. I am not a lark, but an owl. I am okay from about 6 pm until midnight. They say, some people are just like this. I was before the stroke and am still like this after the stroke. If I wake earlier, as sometimes I just have to do, my symptoms are more acute. Luckily, my job is as an author, and I don't need to rise unless I have to. However, in the past I really loved it when I did wake up early, I like the early morning hours, it's just I have some inner function that presses the snooze button or ignores an alarm! 

Hello David, I sold my car. I don't think I am up for driving, it was stressful anyway, so I won't miss it. I have come to terms with this, and shall embrace public transport, be environmental, and use my bicycle. I am actually looking forward to when the Citroen Ami is in introduced into the UK, as this will be a consideration for me. Hope you are going okay. I have had several pretty bad days of my vestibular system not playing ball with my cerebellum. Had bouts of nausea, acute wooziness, and weak legs.

sounds like one hell of a trip, but the main thing is your all home safe.

I function ok during the mornings, find myself tired afternoon time of Iv done something but generally from about 4-5pm that’s me finished.

Just got back from a night away, no driving for me but apparently I fell asleep most of the way home. 

Feeling now I am home so il be lucky if I make 8pm

For me afternoon evening are better but we are all different hope all is ok

Sorry to hear that hope you feel better desx

I hope you do not mind me asking but did you have to give up work and if so what benefits did you get.  I have ask but not getting much joy.  I might be able to get ESA but when I think I can do a few hours I will go to CAB and see what advise they have thanks des x

Hope you are ok des and probaly so glad to be back home ..pippy 

Hi Des , Benefits, I believe is a disgrace how difficult it can be , just when needed most. Poss year after stroke I started to manage to even be able to look into this . I get PIP , home assessment, very demoralizing. I do not know if they have started these again,  with covid yet ? Defiantly recommend Google search about ANY benefits first,  as it feels like they are trying almost to trick you ? I have family member , mental health problems,  who very proudly stated how good she was with various & although her father was with her & stated this NOT to be the case , they went with her answers & decided not entitled ! Shameful world sometimes. 

Because of PIP,  my wife gets blue badge, for me . I find this financially good, but massively helpful against my bad aniexity.  So , if entitled put claim in early,  do research first, be prepared . Good talking David. 

Hi Rups, yes bad times & better,  completely understand. Thanks David. 

Des. Although you may feel this is a setback, it's actually a huge achievement. As recovery progresses, we tend to do too much, so we have to learn to pace ourselves. I'm just back from a coach holiday in Scotland. It was a ten hour journey to get there and the first night I was shattered. The holiday also tested my walking but I managed quite well, but the journey back took me two days to recover from.

I don't drive, but for you to do the journey you did is amazing. Don't lose heart, just pace yourself.

Many thanks hope all is well with you

Yes I was and am hope all is ok des x

Thanks I will go to CAB soon but I do not think I will get pip my stroke is there terms is not bad enough I might get ESA but for now my wife's wage and SSP will have to do. Good talking with you des

Dear Des

Application for a PIP.

I wonder if you might prefer to hardly mention stroke. After all, your stroking has long finished and you are now safe from another attack. 

Now you have a plethora of issues, such as fatigue, balance, poor sleep, and so on and on and on.

It took me years to grasp that the single phrase of "stroke" meant nothing to others. But the issues we suffer are enormous. Cooking, driving, paying bills etc etc etc are all impaired and thats what you need to convey regarding your PIP claim.

I try hard to look at the positives so it is very hard to set out the problems. But in these circumstances we need to set out all those issues.

Best wishes


Hi des yeah I'm ok thankyou ,glad you got home safe and sound ,I think I would have had a melt down lol ..pippy 

I almost did when I got home ? off on holiday my wife is driving to be honest I could donwith staying at home for a few days but this was booked before the stroke and my wife and daughter need a break allnthe best des x

I'm sure it will be a loverly time yeah let your wife drive it's less stress for you ...pippy 

Yes the holiday is going ok. But it has shown me how much I still have to go. I feel a bit out of group my wife and daughter and her friend is going cycling I cannot go. They walk miles I cannot just seems a am still getting used to the limits that are the new me. Hope all is well des x