Leiden Factor 5 Clotting disorder

I am new here, had a stroke 13th March.
I had previously been to the dr over an issue in my left eye, they sent me to the optician. No one picked the warning sign up, the brain scan showed that I had 5 TIA,s and a left brain clot.
I clotted due to having Leiden factor 5 deficit in the heterozygous. Anyone else heard of this?

Hi @flossy71 & wrlcome to the forum
Sorry you’ve had cause to join us but you’ll find a friendly bunch of people here.

I’ve never heard of your condition. I just wanted to say hi.

Hope you’re doing ok.

Best wishes


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Hi Ann
Thank you for your kind friendly reply, I was tested in the USA in the late 90,s as my sister had a clot at 23 years of age. Then my eldest son clotted in 2019, they had DVT mine was arterial. Such is life :mending_heart:

Sounds like it’s a genetic condition then. Hopefully you are now on the right meds to prevent anything else happening.

Lots of rest & pacing yourself needed in the early days. Oh & lots of patience for the not so good days.

Best wishes.

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Thank you so much for the message. Yes it’s genetic and I have been badly let down by the medical world :woman_shrugging:. But I am happy to be alive :smiley:


me too, badly let down,
but they patched me up in the end
easy to blame it on others ; I’m guilty of not looking after my body enough
good luck, Roland