Legs issues

Hi all
I am new to this forum
I had a stroke in January but was lucky to have my partner with me & an ambulance that can in super fast time. The clot was removed the same day
I am 59- 60th in May
I am on Statins - blood thinners & BP tablets
I just wandered if anyone has suffered with thigh strain & general tired achy legs?
My issue was more neurological than physical - so I have not had physiotherapy yet - I am on the list!
I have had this for the last 6 weeks
I try to walk daily - but it is painful - the worst is when putting on a sock - agony!
Feels like I have pulled the muscles!
I have changed statins in case it is from that
Any ideas would be helpful


Hello and welcome to the friendly and helpful forums. I find this a place to give and receive help from fellow stroke survivors.

I get the tired and aching legs alot. Some of this is due to neurological issues (damage in the basal ganglia which is an area that controls balance and coordination). In addition I take a beta blocker to slow my heart rate and I think the reduced circulation adds to the tiredness in my legs.

Physiotherapy did help. They taught me various leg exercises ro build strength in my legs. Also leg exercises to do when seated in order to help the circulation. I find it is good to get up regularly and move around a bit. Sometimes I lie down for a short while and this helps refresh my legs. The worst thing for me is standing in queues - I try my best to avoid that!


It could also be muscle atrophy (wastage), this can happen after strokes and you’d get those same symptoms from that. I had the same problem myself the first year after my stroke, and walking was like walking with two led weights too. I’ve since built myself back up again and have no problems with them other than foot drop.

A lack of certain nutrients in the body can also have the same effect. Might be idea to persuade your doctor to give you a blood test to see what might need a boost. In the mean time maybe take a daily multivitamin or a nutrition shake like Complan to help build yourself back up again.

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Hi @Holichick just wanted to welcome you to the forum. I hope your stroke recovery is going ok.

I don’t get much pain in my legs so can’t really offer any advice on that. But hope you get some relief from it soon.

Best wishes

Ann xx

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@Holichick I had similar with my shoulder I got referred to muscular skeletal physio as I wasn’t able to raise my arm. so much better now. Physio explained it as muscle atrophy, and to continue with exercises at home daily 2-3 times per day. good luck with your recovery and hopefully he pain eases or goes

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Thanks to everyone who has got in touch

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