Leg spasms/spasticity - help and advice regarding circulation boosters

My husband is 4 years post stroke. He is wheelchair bound pre-stroke. For some time he has been experiencing regular spasms in the stroke affected leg, which are often painful. As he cannot walk, exercise is difficult to manage. I help him with leg stretches and moving the leg, knee and hip joint to help move the leg muscles. He is more recently having weekly leg massages which are loosening the muscles but still has spasms. He regularly uses a CBD cream which helps the pain and has CBD tincture at night which helps with sleep. Using a Circulation booster has been suggested but I am wondering if anyone has personal experience with them in these circumstances. Any other guidance or advice would be appreciated too.

@Susie_Q I’ve been using a Renpho lower leg massager purchased from Amazon. I’ve found it helps relieve the nerve pain and aches I get in my leg following my stroke.

Hi Susie Q-- I also had leg spasms after my stroke. None of the prescribed meds worked. But CBD Oil under the tongue did work to stop the spasms. I know you’ve tried CBD as well. Perhaps he needs to use it during the day as well. And finding the right dose could be significant as well. I would use 20 mg. (or half an eye-dropper) Usually that worked within an hour. If not, I would take another 20 mg. That always worked within an hour. Over time I needed it less and less, until I rarely use it now(4 1/2 years post stroke). However, I still had tight muscles, and my calf muscles easily went into a cramp. So, I started using 200mg daily of magnesium glycinate. I have noticed a marked improvement in my muscles. Even my back muscles are more relaxed. I have read that most diets are deficient in magnesium, a critical mineral in the area of muscle health. I had tried magnesium before and never stayed with it because it can often, and did in me, cause loose bowels. But in the form of glycinate, was not supposed to be a problem. So , I tried magnesium glycinate (200 Mg) and I had no problem at all-- and my legs stopped cramping. Hope this info is of help. :slightly_smiling_face:Jeanne

Hi Jeanne,
Thank you so much for your very comprehensive and helpful reply. We’ll certainly have a look at that for hubby and try a different combination of CBD tincture under the tongue. :hugs: