Leg goes heavy if standing for more than few minutes

I wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem to the one I have experianced since stroke last November.

The stroke affected my right side leg significantly at the beginning and arm to lesser extent. Over time I have manged to regain walking and strength in leg and still get the 'heavy' feeling from it.

When I walk the heavyness goes and I just feel muscle tightness which does not cause any real issues. However if I stand still for more than a few minutes my leg goes heavy. Muscles don't give way and I can still stand fine. I mentioned this right back in December as I was starting to learn to walk again and the consultant said it was the stroke but the neuro physio said it could be a circulation issue. This debate has followed similar pattern over the months between different GP's and all my appoinments for further investigation have been cancelled despite being told it could be serious and I need a doppler ultrasound to confirm.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Jack, I am not a doctor, but I cannot stand too long as my weak leg aches. I find it best to rest a little between tasks. Do remember stroke affects the way we experience our bodies. My weak hand lacks sensitivity and if I hold something even a little tightly, I feel a little pain. My weak lower arm and hand now feel cold quite quickly, which I put down to circulation problems.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. I just keep exercising and have learnt to live with these new sensations.

Thanks John, what I find odd is that if I stand perfectly still when working at say workbench everything feels normal. But if I move a little to shift the weight that's when I feel my leg is heavy. The feeling is just like it has 'gone to sleep' when circulation is restricted. If I start to walk it clears and leg is then the usual tight muscle, with some pins and needles. Get similar problem when sitting, if the front of the chair pushs up under top of my leg.

Like yourself I also get cold leg and hand on stroke side. Its sad I know but out of interest one day at work I put thermocouples on my left and right hand and measured 5 - 6 Deg C difference.