Left-sided weakness 2 years later

Hi all.
Am experiencing weakness in left arm , TIA some 2 years ago and have subsequently also been diagnosed with Parkinsons, has anyone else also had the misfortune of drawing both short straws and had symptoms which are relevant to both conditions.

I had my TIA 2years ago & had adopted owing to the TIA a body Tremor which was analysed for a was for a while thought to be Parkinson
But owing to the flexibility of my limbs it’s was then diagnosed as a resting/incidental tremor with my medication has diluted the tremor though when anxious ect it dose becomes a more noticeable almost uncontrollable shake where I find myself almost immediately getting myself back to a quite place ( my flat) & taking the rest of the day to bring myself back to the gentle shake my body & self have since accepted
Thankfully not getting any headaches or warning as such internally though I’m very well aware of being in certain social situations I start to perspire & feel uncomfortable where my tremor becomes something I need to address ) & sort myself/tremor out …

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Many thanks for taking the time to reply, am still in the denial stage with the Parkinson’s but it is interesting that the tremor followed the TIA

Best wishes

Many thanks for replying Loshy
Am still in the denial stage with the Parkinson’s just it’s interesting that the tremor followed the TIA.

Keep as well as you can

Many thanks for the kind words.
Am not giving up and will just be fighting on two fronts.

Best wishes