Left Sided hemorrhage bleed

Hi im new here, my wife had a left sided hemorrhage bleed 2 weeks ago resulting in
complete lose of speech and movement to her right hand side shes now been in rehabilitation for
a week, shes made excellent progress in a short period of time and so far she can almost speak again
and can swallow solid food. I've been told by the occupational therapist shes expected to come home in 5-6 weeks
where she will continue her rehabilitation. I managed to get the emergency services to her within 20mins of noticing her symptoms they were amazing. I understand I've got a very long tough road ahead would be nice to talk to someone who's experienced the same. Im just keeping myself busy getting a new bathroom sorted etc... for
when she gets back. We do live in a bungalow so I suppose thats a big box ticked for her.

Welcome to the group. I am sorry to hear about your wife but would like to offer words of encouragement. I too was unable to speak or move at first  but after five weeks I was back home and started my recovery . We too live in a bungalow which helps. A walk in shower is essential! My husband still has to help me but we laugh a lot. I now walk with a rollator  . I will willingly help with any advice. Best wishes Lilian

Arh thank you thats lovely and encourageing to hear, its great to hear your progress Lilian and thank you for shareing. I'm getting the bathroom done over the next few week to remove the bath and turn it into a wetroom which will help her. The staff at the NHS have been professional beyond my expectations and im looking forward to getting her home again soon. Thanks again for your help and support and I wish you all the best recovering going forward. James.


Hi James, sorry to hear of your wife's stroke.  I have decided if you can afford it & makes your & wife's life easier,  try not to leave too long. I have left for over 2 years since stroke. Hoping things would improve , which have not . I belive some do , some don't. Always hopefull though.  In process of organising plumber to fit , difficult,  for me as always been in building trade & now need to involve someone else ! We too in bungalow,  truely godsend for me .

Would be interested, ( if not, too nosey. ) What you are having done,  by whome & cost ? 

Good speaking David. 

Hi David,

Thanks for getting on touch and please always stay hopefull. I spoke to a plumber recommeded through family this morning and he had a stroke at the age of 32!, took 13 months for him to even get some feeling back in his right arm and hes back working now, he seemed very keen to get this moving for me having experienced a stroke himself. He's quoting me for a wetroom on monday so fingers crossed. Currently I've got a bath you have to climb into to have a shower so its not ideal, I suppose a walk in shower would be the obvious solution. I will let you know If I have any luck with him and wish you all the best on your recovery.

Good to hear you are being positive. We were not able to have a wet room but we have the largest shower cubicle possible,big enough for both of us at the same time. Very handy but necessary under the circumstances. Good luck Lilian


Hi James , I have hopefully booked plumber,  agreed to supply all & pay him on day work. Before my stroke & doing similar work , when having done work for clients & they knew I was genuine,  I preferred day work,  felt client got a more quality job , could spend more time,  felt most clients preferred, this when I explained.  Got so tired of people,  wanting to pay minimum,  & then hearing the old cowboy stories,  I belive most tradesmen are genuine,  hoping for recommendations. 

Having easy access, non slip , shower tray, raised height wc , & concave wash basin,  so I can lean over & also get my legs under,  when seated & retilling. 

Like to think treating myself,  as holidays , poss things of the past ! Good speaking David.