Lead up to stroke

I was wondering if any members had a possible lead up to having a stroke. I had an astrocytoma when I was 14. Then I was OK for years till I had a pituitary gland problem followed by a diagnosis of biplar affective disorder. I was put on medication which had a warning on it to inform my doctor if I had a stroke or a seizure. I have had a stroke, a TIA and two seizures. I am wondering if these things are connected or if its just a luck of the draw.

Hi, I know from reading stories on this site, that for many people a stroke seems to happen "out of the blue".  It's difficult to generalise, but I wonder if sometimes there may be indicators, which are only recognised after the event ?. 

My husband's stroke happened about two and half weeks after heart surgery.  Looking back, I think there was a 'warning' episode, and although it was a worrying event, it was only with hindsight that I've connected it, as a possible pre-cursor to the stroke.  He was newly out of hospital, and seemed to have a vague episode, where he was convinced that we should have been on holiday, and he was a bit agitated about why we were at home and not in Italy!  I tried to explain to him that he had had heart surgery, but he couldn't remember it, and was very confused.  Within a few hours after that moment, he seemed ok, but then about 3 days later he had the stroke.  Had I gone to the GP at that time, I think they would have put it down to post-operative symptoms, but now I'm convinced that it was an early warning.

So there is no single answer to the question of lead-up to stroke, I  imagine that there are lots of different circumstamces.  My husband had no risk factors other than the heart surgery.

Clearly in your own situation, there may have been a link to the medication, and maybe you should have been monitored to keep a check on this?? Unfortunately, once the stroke has happened, we can only deal with the future, and there's nothing that can be done retrospectively ☹️.  I hope that your GP or consultant will now monitor you closely.  I'm sure you will receive other replies from the SSs on this site.  Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.

Best wishes, take care xx 

Dear Ann

i have followed the stroke forum for more than four years.

sometimes there is a tenuous link, but usually it seems the stroke would follow come what may. The biggest majority say it was out the blue. Many of us point out how we are fit, not overweight and often in the prime of life. We could however include the fact that perhaps the less fit of us etc do not pull through.

i think it is best if we accept our misfortune and look ahead, with all the positivity we can muster.

best wishes


Thank you for your reply. I agree that the past is the past and the future is what we have to focus on. I will be having a mental health review hopefully probably over the phone. Unfortunately I take the mental health medication to avoid getting another psychosis which was worse than my stroke. I have to be careful what antipsychotic medication I take as it can affect the pituitary problem. It's all a balancing act. The medication can cause high chloresterol but I am taking statins for that. Keep taking the tablets! All the best you take care xx 

Dear Colin

I agree with you. The best thing is to look forward not back. 

Keep safe


? The combination of meds is a nightmare, my husband has several health issues and takes so many meds it's quite alarming.  Very fortunately he's never had any conflict with them!  

Sometimes there is a "Wait and See" period of time whilst meds begin to take effect, which can be frustrating, but there are rarely instant results, so you have to be a patient, patient ?.  

I hope you have some support during this time, or some helpful techniques to keep you in a good headspace.  There will always be someone on this site who will offer encouragement and words of wisdom, and it's good to know you're not alone.

Stay safe, take care ?