Lavender oil and BP medication

As regulars will know, I often recommend lavender oil for sleeping with a few drops on your pillow or bathing with a few drops in the water.  Night before last, I had a lovely long bath with lavender oil in and put a bit more than usual in.  Last night and today, I have had awful weakness in the legs. I have just had my BP tablets changed to Losartan.  Just found out that Lavender oil is not recommended for people who use certain medications for lowering BP. Losartan being one of them - Grr!  Just a warning for those who like more than a few drops - be careful!

Gosh whatever next. You would never think something like lavender oil would affect BP medication. Thanks for telling us about it.


i'm on ramipril, was interesting to read re: lavendar oil, i like essential oils, thank you for the tip