Lack of support after diagnosis

I had a very brief TIA whilst having reflexology in September. I could not finish sentences for about 5-10 seconds according to reflexologist.  However, he did not tell me he recognised this, as he himelf has had them. Had he done so, I would have immediately gone to the Doc. I put it down to being overstressed with a big family problem at the time and as we were going away the next day, thought no more of it. A few days later, in Spain, I developed a terrible headache like a huge weight on my head. It did not shift with paracetamol so I went to the clinic.  I had no other obvious symptoms. My BP was taken and I was briefly examined.  I mentioned the possible TIA but the doc just put my sympton down to stress and prescribed sleeping pills and "Novolol."  Being a cautious soul I checked this online and found it was banned everywhere in EU apart from Spain and Portugal and had led to deaths especially amongst ex pats for some reason. I didn't take it. I saw my GP immediately on return and he sent me to the stroke clinic where I had a barrage of different scans and blood tests all day and was abruptly told by the consultant that I had had a stroke, and that I must immediately take 300 mg of aspirin before I left the hospital. She told me  was ok to drive and go on holiday as it was a month since the stroke, handed me a leaflet about driving and more or less shoved me out of the door. I had to ask the nurse if there was any information available (I had seen a pack from Stroke UK in the waiting room) and she fetched one for me.  After that, my husband and  I were left in shock and made our way home.  To add to our misery, the consultant had not signed the prescription for the essential new drugs, causing more stress and delay in getting them.

After a few days, I rang Stroke UK who were appalled that I had not been handed over to a Stroke Support Unit. They contacted the Unit for me and then I quickly received a visit from the Head Nurse of the unit and BP monitored for 10 days, plus an OT visit. The team was great and very helpful to us both, as of course we had many questions.Then they discharged me. I saw my GP in november and he had still not been told I had had a stroke, nor had he received any records of all the scans etc. To date, there is no record in my online record through Patient Access that I have had a stroke. The Support Unit told me I was not the first patient at the Worcs. Royal Hospital who had been discharged without any referral to them. It seems I fell through the net because I was seen as an outpatient. I am appalled that after receiving such awful news, I was simply left alone to deal with it. I have a supportive husband, but many people could have nobody at home to go back to while in a state of shock. Patients diagnosed with cancer are referred to support organisations, and often there is a nurse immediately on hand to support them through the initial shock. Why not with stroke victims?

I realise I am very lucky. I have no obvious post stroke signs, apart from occasional waves of tiredness and sometimes finding it difficult to concentrate on complicated paperwork (we have a business) but am mobile and driving.

Has anyhone else a similar experience of lack of support?