Lack of mobility on right side

Lack of mobility on right side. Many contributors seem to have problems on left side I amn right handed and have lost mobility on that side, so am having to use my left hand for most things. Has anyone else got this problem?

I have problems with my right leg. I also get a lot of pain in my right shoulder. However, its not quite the same as your lack of mobility. 

Thank you for your reply. My main problem is with my right hand. I have great difficulty with writing and have to use my left hand on my i pad. Dressing and washing is helped by my husband. Lilian

I'm the opposite. Left handed and left side affected. I like being left handed so I'm working it hard. 

Good to hear from you. How do you manage to write and dress? I too am working hard at it, but it is not easy. I would be interested in how you progress. Lilian

My left side was totally paralyzed 3 years ago by a stroke, and my husband helped me a lot, too.   It's good that you have someone to help you.  But remember that it's so important to try to use the affected limbs as much as possible.   I made myself use my left hand to type and tried to play piano with it (ha ha) even though I didn't do too well.  I still make myself try to do things with my left hand whenever possible, like open doors, reach for vitamins, etc.--things I used to do with my right hand. (I'm right handed).  Even though writing is difficult, it's important to try a little.  That's the only way your brain/hand learn how to do it again.  You'll slowly get better and better over time.  Keep your spirits up.  Keep on trying.   You will improve. smiley  Love, Jeanne

Thank you for your reply. I was interested to read your comments as I too try to use my right hand whenever possible, not always successfully. I joke that eventually I will be ambidextrous. I hope I will improve. Good to hear from you. Love Lilian

I've taught myself to write right handed. i always used to tell people it was hard to write left handed as you can't see what you've written. I now know how hard it is. Writing with my right hand came fairly easily and thigs like dressing my left hand helps. Grip is ok ish, and I tend to wear jeans and t shirts so nothing complicated. Footwear is either tainers with velcro or zips and boots with zips. I'm learning to do zips but my grip isn't always doing its bit.


( lock - laces ) , any advise,  thought I could get some wear out of old  shoes , then . Thanks David. 

I bought a pair of Sketchers recently with elasticated laces. I can lace shoes though. It was the first milestone in my recovery.

I think that should be our goal, all us stroke survivors,  to become ambidextrous,  right??angel  Love, Jeanne

Hi Jeanne .  We all need a goal and I am trying hard. I have so many goals to achieve I feel as though I am starting over again each day! This Forum helps me by reading about others and their progress.We are all stroke survivors and should help each other. Love Lilian

Thank you for your reply. I am relearning writing with my right hand,only printing so far,childlike. I can just manage my shoe laces, haven't tried zips yet. I still struggle with dressing.need more practice. Each day more to learn. Luckily my husband is a big help. Love Lilian


Thanks John , I am not good at looking down , might try LOCK LACES.  Good talking David. 

Good to hear from you. I don't know about elastic  laces I am afraid. I can tie my laces but not thread them. This I have yet to learn amongst many things! Lilian

One exercise I found helped both hands to work in sync so to speak was to roll a tennis ball across a table with one hand and catch it with the other and keep going till you get bored. I can catch pretty good now but I'm still useless at throwing.  My goal is to always hit the waste paper bin with the empty toilet roll from sitting on the loo (sorry if its too much info!)  I've only managed it a couple of times but I keep on trying.

Thank you for your reply. I like the idea of the tennis ball. I must try this. I feel the toilet roll holder may be beyond me yet! I do try every night with my used underwear into the linen basket and usually miss! My poor husband has to retrieve them from the floor. Lilian 

There is a way of lacing shoes so they can be tied with one hand.

This was one of the exercises in my little leaflet I got on my discharge from hospital - no actual physio - just a leaflet!  Another was to get 2 unbreakable jugs and fill with cold water. Over the sink, transfer the water from one jug to another.  This is tricky because of the concentration needed to not spill the water and keep the other jug still while the other is moving so 3 things for your brain to figure out. Don't overdo this one - it can be exhausting after a few goes.

Im in my seventh year of recovery. I'm right handed and lost use of right hand, arm, leg and voice. Plus serious damage to hearing and even eye. Initially I had to get the left hand to take over all the duties but gradually have converted back to the right hand. I'm probably at about 60% of the strength and dexterity ofthe past. I can play guitar and keyboards again but with nothing like the skill I had before.

Things will never be the same again for you but there is no reason for you stop trying to get everything as it was before.

Keep with it and good luck.