Lack of emotion

Hi have read about some people having heightened emotions I am the opposite. I have had a few losses over the last few years and have reacted almost coldly. However recently I lost my sister. We were very close and she was every thing to me. I try to cry but nothing. I feel like an explosion waiting to happen!
My stroke was6 years ago but I still have sensory problems due to my type of stroke. Anyone suffering similar?

Aye @Tricia_60, I have a blunted emotional response. Since I have a dry, acerbic wit, this has caused some confusion at times during conversations, especially written. I know the emotion is there, and I know what it is but struggle to express it and have to set my words and body language artificially in order to deliver the appropriate reaction.

Thank goodness I’m not the only one. Thanks for replying Rups. I find it hard to find my words too a lot. Then I get em stand every thing gets worse.
Fortunately friends and family understand.

Sorry to hear of your lost people express bereavement different I lost my father 2xyears ago I haven’t cried but I still miss him having a stroke does affect your emotions

Hello @Tricia_60. Sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. What matters is how you feel about her not how others see it in your reaction. Be true to yourself, anyone who knows you will be able to appreciate how you feel. I have the opposite issue, from being very private and really going to lengths to hide emotions they are constantly bubbling just under the surface. I was mortified initially but now just have to accept it. I cry at the slightest thing, I see it as a lack of control, it doesn’t mean I care more than someone who struggles to cry. Wishing you well, Julia x

Thanks Julie for feedback. I used to cry easily too but tablets blocking.

Thanks Gillian. Sorry for your loss. I still miss my dad and it’s over 20 years ago.

Thanks Lorraine really appreciate your answer

Thanks Mahoney appreciate you taking time to reply

It is an odd one. Before stroke, my eyes would well up if I was watching the slightest sentimentally unfold, I could cry easily and did at the deaths of several friends over the years, if children were bullied or hurt I’d easily shed a tear. Now, it’s all gone the opposite but the feeling is still there.

Yes Rups, that’s it, the feeling is there I just can’t let it out.
However was watching Neighbours and a young lad died of the same thing my sister had and it was such a relief to actually let it out and cry. So what you said is good thanks so much

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