Knocked me for six

Was doing ok until I was admitted to hospital with chest infection for 3 days now trying to get my brain back into going out again but get anxious again

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@Mickyboy & @Loshy , I hope you are both feeling better soon. Take care & take it easy. Lots of rest.

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Feel the fear and do it anyway. None of us like being ill and we survivors are often feeling. I am due to go away for one night this weekend but I will go. It’s a small trip to see family with my partner. I know that once we’re underway I will feel fine. Fear is human. Overcoming it is also human and you will succeed.

@Mickyboy hoping you feel better soon. You overcame your anxieties before so I’m sure you can again. Deep breaths and go for it……small steps.
@Loshy really hope your pneumonia clears soon……it’s been lingering a while now.


Thanks for support due to see respiratory nurse next week still feeling tired and restless not in a good place glad I have you all.

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@Mickyboy hope all goes well with the respiratory nurse next week. You’ve definitely been through the mill a bit recently. You’re doing well keep going. Take care xx

Still feeling scared :weary:

@Mickyboy hope you’re feeling a little better today. I echo what @Loshy Loraine said last night about deep breaths.
We’re all here to listen if you need us to.
Stay strong you’ve got this.

Thanks everyday is different good one day exhausting the next and temp has dropped so feelings cold while everyone walks around in T-shirt, plus grandson had covid he’s negative now how can that be Friday was positive.

@Mickyboy hope today is a good day for you. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:
I’m guessing he probably had Covid before he tested positive. That’s quite common. Good that he’s negative now though. Hope he hasn’t been too poorly x

No he was okay, pretty much himself there all away this weekend with there dad so house will be quiet that’s going to be a shock to me, let’s hope I can get the anxiety down and get out, let’s see what the nurse says on Thursday, in my head it’s quite easy just go what’s the worst can happen, bloody anxiety :woozy_face:

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